La Salle's Brent Paraiso speaks out as well, denies drug rumors

After De La Salle Green Archers star Ricci Rivero addressed rumors of his alleged drug use five days ago, it was teammate Brent Paraiso's turn to tell his side.

"I think it's time I try to defend myself and my family, and let the truth be known," he said on his Twitter account @brentparaiso.

Rivero, along with his older brother Prince, and Paraiso went on a leave of absence from the La Salle basketball team.

Ricci also went to social media five days ago to deny the drug allegations.

The seldom-used Paraiso laid out a timeline of his drug testing. On January 16, 2018, he submitted a urine sample for mandatory drug testing. Two days later, he gave another batch of samples.

On January 20, Paraiso and his family decided to make matters into their own hands and have their own drug test. The Department of Health drug test revealed that he was negative to all banned drugs. However, by January 24, he tested positive for methamphetamine (commonly known as shabu) based on the urine samples he had on the 18th.

Paraiso apparently had two separate drug tests and received different results. Along with his long Twitter post, he attached a picture of the results from the DOH.

"I confidently stand by my position that I did not take those drugs," he stated.

He pointed out that he continued to go to trainings and attended class - which were signs that he was not taking any kind of drugs.

"I simply want to clear my name and put all rumors to rest," Paraiso said.