For Joe Devance, all is forgiven after Barangay Ginebra's win

Barangay Ginebra Kings take Game 3 (1:51)

The Barangay Ginebra Kings survived a late-game rally by the San Miguel Beermen, 95-87, in Game 3. The Kings trail 2-1 in the series. (1:51)

Joe Devance got plenty of feedback on social media following Barangay Ginebra's Game 2 overtime loss to the San Miguel Beermen. Devance's costly five-second inbound violation denied Ginebra a chance to put the game away and ultimately led to Marcio Lassiter scoring the game-winner for the Beermen.

Following the stinging defeat, Devance couldn't help but respond to a few tweets.

But with Ginebra winning Game 3, Devance's Twitter account quieted down.

"That's just a part of being who we are. We have the most passionate fans in the country and sometimes their passion boils over after a bad loss like what happened in Game 2," Devance said after their 95-87 win against the Beermen.

Devance had 11 points and nine rebounds in their first win of the 2018 Philippine Cup semifinals.

"I was never mad at the fans or anything like that but I had to block a few of them," he said referring to some bashers who used bad words. "It's not like I was hurt from what they said. I was mad at the result of the game myself. I like interacting with the fans and I say silly stuff so that was just me blowing off some steam."

Teammate Sol Mercado added that there would have been more replies that night if he didn't stop Devance.

"We were at dinner and he was typing on this phone. I asked him what he was doing and I read his comments," Mercado said. "I thought it was hilarious. There would've been more if I didn't tell him to stop," he added noting that he knew Devance was just being his usual silly self and was not serious about being mad at some of their fans.

"It's not the fans' fault because they're also riled up. They're never say die so it's a part of it," Devance added. "I'm thankful for the good comments and a bad comment I just use their passion to fuel me even more."

The eight-time PBA champion also took the opportunity to not let their emotions get the best of them even if there's a lot at stake in the series.

"Life is bigger than just basketball. You have to put stuff into perspective. Losing hurts and that should motivate us but life is more than just basketball. It's just a game," Devance said. "There's no need to be mean to anyone because some of the fans acted like when I got the five-second violation that I wanted to turn it over, that I wanted to lose. I wanted to win as much as they want do! I still love all of our fans and we're doing our best to win for all of them."