Walker vents about officiating after Blackwater loss: 'I had enough'

Jalalon powers surging Blackwater (2:36)

Jio Jalalon tallied his first career triple-double as Magnolia Hotshots pummeled Blackwater Elite, 113-99, for their fourth straight win. (2:36)

Henry Walker blew his top over the officiating in Blackwater's 123-99 loss to Magnolia in the 2018 PBA Governors' Cup on Wednesday.

Walker got the boot with 1:34 remaining in the third period after getting his second technical foul for disrespectfully addressing an official. The Elite import was complaining after the referees missed a foul on him by the Hotshots on his way to the basket.

Blackwater was trying to climb back from a 20-point hole during that stretch. The Elite managed to trim the gap to 12, 76-64, but it was all Magnolia from there.

Blackwater eventually lost and dropped to 6-2 in the standings.

"I said nothing for seven games. Today I just had enough. I had enough," he said when he emerged from the dugout at the Cuneta Astrodome.

"I'm only human, man. I mean, I've done a good job of keeping it together. But today, it's just frustrating."

Walker got his first technical foul after getting tangled up with Rafi Reavis earlier in the game.

"I got a technical today for saying our hands got tangled up. Me and Rafi. I got a tech. I cant give anybody respect if they don't wanna give me respect," he said.

"Right in front of the ref. Two times. She (referee) tells us later, 'Oh I missed it.' It's too late. But you don't miss anything else. That's my only thing."

Physicality has been a staple in the PBA. But Walker said officials allow only one side to be physical.

"It's the PBA. It's supposed to be a physical basketball league. Am I lying? Okay. So let's play. Don't let one side be physical and I can't be physical," he said. "Cause thats what happens. I'm setting picks, guys are grabbing my legs, and I can't pop out of the pick. But that's cool. I go for a rebound, if I bump into somebody too hard, it's like I'm the Hulk out here."

"All I'm asking for is let it go. You're not gonna call any fouls on th'em when they're hacking me from the top of the key to the basket. Three or four fouls at a time."