FIBA 3x3 World Cup Day 4 wrap-up: Serbia, Canada keep record spotless

After four days of intense action at the Philippine Arena, the 2018 FIBA 3x3 World Cup quarterfinal picture is now complete.

In the men's division, Serbia and Canada continued to roll past their foes to advance to the next round with unblemished 4-0 records. Defending champion Serbia topped Pool A and will face Mongolia in the quarters, while Canada of Pool C will take on Netherlands.

The Philippines, meanwhile, bowed out of the competition after splitting its games on Monday. Fresh from a heartbreaking defeat against the Canadians, the Filipinos wrapped up its campaign with a convincing victory over Russia.

Over at the women's side, United States swept all its games to lead Pool C and set a duel against Italy in the playoffs.

Czech Republic, on the other hand, absorbed a stunning loss against Malaysia but still finished number one in Pool A. The seventh-seed team will battle with Russia in the quarterfinals.

Here are the complete results from Day 4 of the FIBA 3x3 World Cup:


  • Pool A: Netherlands def. Romania, 21-11

  • Pool A: New Zealand def. Kyrgyzstan, 20-15

  • Pool A: Serbia def. Romania, 21-12

  • Pool A: Netherlands def. New Zealand, 21-15

  • Pool A: Serbia def. Kyrgyzstan, 21-9

  • Pool C: Mongolia def. Russia, 21-18

  • Pool C: Canada def. Philippines, 20-19

  • Pool C: Mongolia def. Brazil, 19-16

  • Pool C: Canada def. Brazil, 22-4

  • Pool C: Philippines def. Russia, 15-7


  • Pool C: Russia def. Iran, 22-12

  • Pool C: United States def. Uganda, 22-12

  • Pool C: Iran def. Andorra, 21-12

  • Pool C: United States def. Russia, 21-13

  • Pool C: Uganda def. Andorra, 18-12

  • Pool A: Italy def. Indonesia, 19-5

  • Pool A: Turkmenistan def. Malaysia, 18-14,

  • Pool A: Czech Republic def. Italy, 21-20

  • Pool A: Malaysia def. Czech Republic, 22-18

  • Pool A: Turkmenistan def. Indonesia, 20-11