All indications are that Chris Carson will be the starter, but Seahawks offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer said Thursday that he wants to get all the running back some reps in Sunday's opener at Denver. He later said some of that playing time could come on special teams and not on offense. Here was part of Schottenheimer's response when asked how first-round pick Rashaad Penny will be worked in assuming Carson starts: "We don't necessarily have, 'OK, gotta get this guy so many carries, gotta get this guy so many touches.' We'll just kind of see how the flow of the game goes. You're going to see them all, which is cool. I think that's important that we get all these guys involved, not just the running backs but the tight ends, receivers. It's one of those games where guys are going to be excited, they're going to be amped up going into a fun environment. So we'll just see how the game goes. You normally get a sense as the game goes of who's got the hot hand or this guy is really feeling good or he's running well, and sometimes that's how you get late in the game, you're like, 'OK let's give him a little bit more carries.'" Seattle's other tailbacks are C.J. Prosise and Mike Davis.

Brady Henderson, ESPN17d ago