Tracking James Holzhauer on his crazy 'Jeopardy!' streak

Does Jeopardy! champ have a front office future? (2:34)

Scott Van Pelt understands why professional sports teams would be interested in hiring James Holzhauer for a front office job. (2:34)

James Holzhauer is destroying "Jeopardy!" He did it again Friday, collecting $74,400 and bringing his total winnings to $2,065,535. Remember, Holzhauer had crushed the one-day record when he won $110,914. Then he topped his own record with a $131,127 game. The previous record was $77,000. Why does ESPN care? Because Holzhauer is a respected professional sports bettor, a former math major who took his chops to Las Vegas. Alex Trebek is impressed, and so are we. We'll track this 'til the end.

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James Holzhauer reached another "Jeopardy!" milestone during Friday's episode, becoming the second contestant ever to eclipse $2 million in regular-play winnings. Holzhauer, a 34-year-old sports bettor from Las Vegas, cruised to his 27th straight win Friday, racking up $74,400 to push his overall winnings to $2,065,535. In 2004, Ken Jennings won $2,520,700 during a 74-game winning streak. Holzhauer is on pace to catch Jennings in just six more episodes.

David Purdum, ESPN Staff Writer17h ago


Total won: $2,065,535

Average per win: $76,501

By the numbers

Stats courtesy of thejeopardyfan.com:

• Through 27 appearances, Holzhauer ranks second on the show's all-time regular-play winnings list with $2,065,535.

• In those 27 shows, Holzhauer has 977 correct and 31 incorrect responses.

• On the episode that aired April 9, the third day of Holzhauer's run, he won $110,914, the most on a single day in the show's 35-year history.

• According to thejeopardyfan.com, a site dedicated to the show and respected by "Jeopardy!" enthusiasts, only four contestants -- Ken Jennings, Matt Jackson, Roger Craig and Austin Rogers -- have earned more than $100,000 on Daily Doubles during their appearances. In his first five days, Holzhauer earned $218,199 on Daily Doubles.




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