Spanish Grand Prix - Radio Ga Ga

It wasn't the most thrilling race in Spain but the radio channels still provided plenty of entertainment. We round up the best of pit-to-car communication from the Spanish Grand Prix below.

"Oh, fudge! I think I'm stuck in the gravel mate."
Romain Grosjean reports back from the run-off area during second practice.

"Oh, mate I'm sorry. I was ... I tried the outside, Kevin lost it a bit and then I got the dirty air and that's it."
After getting it wrong in practice, Grosjean gets it wrong again in the race too.

"Guys, massive crash! Massive crash! I spun. I can't believe ... I cannot believe"
Pierre Gasly was among the drivers caught up in the Grosjean accident and, between heavy breaths on team radio, sounded absolutely gutted on the radio.

"They need to sweep up a little bit better. There's still so much stuff down, guys."
Lewis Hamilton complains of debris following Grosjean's collision with Nico Hulkenberg and Pierre Gasly.

"We need the Safety Car to go faster or this is going to be chaos. Tell him to skip the chicane or something."
Carlos Sainz comes up with a solution for speeding up the Safety Car.

"You definitely need to stop talking on every overtaking manoeuvre!"
Fernando Alonso issues his version of Kimi Raikkonen's 'leave me alone, I know what I'm doing'

"I have some issue. I've lost power"
Kimi Raikkonen's race comes to an end with more reliability issues.

"You can still do more [tyre] saving in three and nine"
"The more I do saving the more I lose temperature"

Valtteri Bottas treads a fine line between falling tyre temperatures and excessive front tyre wear

"Woowee! That's more like it guys! I'm super happy with that. Great job!"
Lewis Hamilton celebrates his second victory in two races.