Renault: We stopped listening to Christian Horner years ago

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ESPN's Jennie Gow shares her thoughts on the three things we learnt from the 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix. (1:12)

BUDAPEST, Hungary -- Following criticism from Red Bull at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Renault F1 boss Cyril Abiteboul has said his company has no interest in dealing with their soon-to-be former engine partners any more.

Max Verstappen launched an expletive-laden rant at Renault after his early retirement in Budapest. That prompted Christian Horner to say Red Bull, which will switch to Honda power in 2019, is not getting what it pays for from its current engine supplier, adding: "I'll wait to hear Cyril's excuses later."

Abiteboul and Horner have a frosty relationship and have clashed repeatedly during the V6 turbo era, which started with the introduction of the new engines in 2014. Despite coming into that season having won four consecutive world championship titles together, Red Bull-Renault has claimed just 11 race victories in the five years since.

Responding to Horner's most recent comments, Abiteboul told Autosport: "Our bosses have stopped reading what Christian Horner is saying about us since 2015. It's very clear that we don't want to have any dealings with them any more. It's very clear it's done.

"They will have their engine partner that will be paying a hell of a lot of money to get their product on board, and I wish them good luck. I have nothing else to say."

On Monday, Verstappen, who had also labelled Renault "completely s---" when talking to German TV after the race, rowed back on his own criticism, explaining that he was simply frustrated in the heat of the moment.