Hungarian Grand Prix: Radio Ga Ga - The sad tale of Kimi and his drinks bottle

A round-up of the best radio soundbites from the Hungarian Grand Prix where Mercedes emerged victorious, Max got mad and Kimi got thirsty.

"I don't know mate. Put whatever tyre you want on. The last sector is impossible, so even if you put a rocket ship on the car we will be 11th."
Unfortunately McLaren couldn't find a rocket ship to fit to Fernando Alonso's car, so he had to make do with intermediate tyres to try to better his time in Q2.

"Mate, no power, no power!"
"Stop the car please"
"Mate, really?! ... I couldn't give a f---. F---! What a f---ing joke all the time with this s---. Honestly! Argh!"

The all-too-familiar radio exchange of Max Verstappen encountering another engine issue.

"The Force India passed me off track. There's no way he keeps that spot. He has to give it back. It's f---ing compromising me."
Daniel Ricciardo is not impressed by Sergio Perez's line through the chicane on the opening lap and demands the Force India driver gives the position back.

"You forgot to connect the drink through..."
"Yes, confirmed."
"Is the drink on now? Because I have no idea."
"We forgot to connect Kimi. You will not have the drink, sorry."
"Is it on or not? The drink..."
"No, Kimi, you will not have the drink..."
"No, no, no, is the switch on or not?"
"You mean the slow button?"
"No, no, is my drink button emptying the bottle or not?"

"No, no Kimi. You will not have the drink."
Confusion reigns as Ferrari admits it forgot to hook up Kimi Raikkonen's in-car drinks bottle ahead of the race.

"It's his own fault coming around the outside of me. So I'm not going to let him by."
Valtteri Bottas blames Daniel Ricciardo for their collision. It's fair to say his opinion was not shared by many in the paddock...