Nick Martini Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through September 19, 2019 Year to Date
Mar 20vs SEAL 9-7Did not play
Mar 21vs SEAL 5-4Did not play
Mar 28vs LAAW 4-0Did not play
Mar 29vs LAAL 6-2Did not play
Mar 30vs LAAW 4-2Did not play
Mar 31vs LAAW 2-1Did not play
Apr 1vs BOSW 7-0Did not play
Apr 2vs BOSW 1-0Did not play
Apr 3vs BOSL 6-3Did not play
Apr 4vs BOSW 7-3Did not play
Apr 5@ HOUL 3-2Did not play
Apr 6@ HOUL 6-0Did not play
Apr 7@ HOUL 9-8Did not play
Apr 8@ BALL 12-4Did not play
Apr 9@ BALW 13-2Did not play
Apr 10@ BALW 10-3Did not play
Apr 11@ BALW 8-5Did not play
Apr 12@ TEXW 8-6Did not play
Apr 14@ TEXL 8-7Did not play
Apr 16vs HOUL 9-1Did not play
Apr 17vs HOUW 2-1Did not play
Apr 19vs TORL 5-1Did not play
Apr 20vs TORL 10-1Did not play
Apr 21vs TORL 5-4Did not play
Apr 22vs TEXW 6-1Did not play
Apr 23vs TEXW 11-5Did not play
Apr 24vs TEXW 6-5Did not play
Apr 26@ TORL 4-2Did not play
Apr 27@ TORL 7-1Did not play
Apr 28@ TORL 5-4Did not play
Apr 29@ BOSL 9-4Did not play
Apr 30@ BOSL 5-1Did not play
May 1@ BOSL 7-3Did not play
May 3@ PITW 14-1Did not play
May 4@ PITL 6-4Did not play
May 5@ PITL 5-3Did not play
May 7vs CINW 2-0Did not play
May 8vs CINW 5-4Did not play
May 9vs CINL 3-0Did not play
May 10vs CLEW 4-3Did not play
May 11vs CLEW 3-2Did not play
May 12vs CLEL 5-3Did not play
May 13@ SEAL 6-5Did not play
May 14@ SEAL 4-3Did not play
May 16@ DETW 17-3Did not play
May 17@ DETW 7-2Did not play
May 18@ DETW 4-1Did not play
May 19@ DETW 7-3Did not play
May 20@ CLEW 6-4Did not play
May 21@ CLEW 5-3Did not play
May 22@ CLEW 7-2Did not play
May 24vs SEAW 6-2Did not play
May 25vs SEAW 6-5Did not play
May 26vs SEAW 7-1Did not play
May 27vs LAAW 8-5Did not play
Jul 22@ HOUL 11-120000000100.
Jul 31vs MILL 4-230000001000.
Monthly Totals 50000001100.
Aug 1vs MILW 5-300000001000.
Aug 3vs STLW 8-3Did not play
Aug 4vs STLW 4-2Did not play
Aug 5@ CHCL 6-511100120000.375.6671.042.167
Aug 6@ CHCW 11-4Did not play
Aug 7@ CHCL 10-110000000000.333.571.904.143
Aug 9@ CHWW 7-0Did not play
Aug 10@ CHWL 3-2Did not play
Aug 11@ CHWW 2-040000000400.231.364.595.091
Aug 13@ SFL 3-2Did not play
 Previously with OAK, Acquired by SD
Aug 29@ SFW 5-3Did not play
Aug 30@ SFL 8-310000000100.
Aug 31@ SFW 4-140200000100.400.400.800.400
Monthly Totals 111300121600.333.545.879.273
Sep 1@ SFW 8-441110000100.333.444.777.333
Sep 2@ ARIL 14-750200010000.357.429.786.357
Sep 3@ ARIL 2-150100000300.316.368.684.316
Sep 4@ ARIL 4-1Did not play
Sep 6vs COLL 3-241210000000.348.435.783.348
Sep 7vs COLW 3-020100001100.385.440.825.360
Sep 8vs COLW 2-150100000000.355.400.755.333
Sep 9vs CHCL 10-251300000000.389.429.818.371
Sep 10vs CHCW 9-830100020000.375.421.796.368
Sep 11vs CHCW 4-020000002000.386.400.786.350
Sep 12vs CHCL 4-141110000200.375.409.784.341
Sep 13@ COLL 10-830110011000.396.426.822.340
Sep 14@ COLL 11-1041101010100.386.451.837.333
Sep 15@ COLL 10-521000003200.403.434.837.321
Sep 16@ MILL 5-140000000000.379.404.783.298
Sep 17@ MILL 3-140000000200.357.377.734.279
Sep 18@ MILW 2-110100000000.366.387.753.290
Sep 19@ MILL 5-130100001000.373.385.758.292
Monthly Totals 60617410581200.371.383.755.283