Kiefer Ravena's birthday golf tournament to benefit Jerrick Balanza, Rolly Manlapaz

1st Chooks-To-Go Phenom Cup (4:02)

Kiefer Ravena talks about the first Chooks-To-Go Phenom Cup happening on October 24 at the Valley Golf and Country Club in Antipolo, which will be for the benefit of Letran's Jerrick Balanza and barker Rolly Manlapaz. (4:02)

To celebrate his upcoming 25th birthday, Kiefer Ravena of the NLEX Road Warriors is taking his talents to the green for a great cause. Ravena announced on Friday that he will be having a charity golf tournament for the benefit of two members of the local basketball family.

Ravena has been recently spending a lot of time playing golf due to the 18-month ban FIBA handed down on him. While being away from the game he loves, he's now working on his handicap.

"With golf, the more you play, the more you get better," Ravena told ESPN5. "The beauty about it is you meet a lot of people and you widen your network. I play with different people. From high school friends to athletes to friends from people from different industries. It keeps my mind away from the things that are happening, trying to keep me sane. It's a relaxing sport. You're one with nature, you see different beautiful courses. It freshens me up every time I play."

Now, he plans on using this new hobby of his with the first ever Chooks-to-Go Phenom Cup at the Valley Golf and Country Club in Antipolo on October 24.

"It's going to be for the benefit of Jerrick Balanza, a Letran Knight who suffered from a brain tumor and just had surgery, and our good friend Rolly Manlapaz who's covered my games from the start," said Ravena. "I just want to help these people who are part of the basketball community and it'll also serve as my birthday celebration."

Ravena isn't new to holding sporting charity events as he also spearheaded Fastbreak 1, 2, and 3 alongside his family and girlfriend Alyssa Valdez. He hosted basketball and volleyball matches for charity and helped victims of Typhoons Sendong, Nona, and Yolanda throughout the years and now he's adding golf to the list.

"I wanted something new and something I could participate in," Ravena said coyly. "If I started a basketball charity game, I would not be able to play nor watch."

Ravena said that he will be announcing more details on how to join the tournament and how to send in donations soon. He guaranteed that all proceeds will go to Balanza and Manlapaz.

"It's for a good cause for two good people who we want to get back on track," Ravena said. "Rolly has been through a lot. I'm not really sure what happened, he did not disclose what exactly he was dealing with but I saw that he was weak. For Jerrick, coach Jeff Napa asked for a pair of shoes from me before and gave it to Jerrick so I had contact with them. I asked for his permission to do it from Coach Jeff and Jerrick and they were thankful for it. We're praying for them and their speedy recovery."

Walk-ins are welcome to join the Chooks-to-Go Phenom Cup on October 24 for a green fee of P3,000.