Pasaol seeking help from teammates: 'They need to be more aggressive'

Alvin Pasaol was once again the leading man for the UE Red Warriors in a tough loss against the Adamson Falcons on Wednesday.

The prolific scorer uncorked a game-high 36 points but his efforts fell in vain in a 90-76 defeat against Adamson.

The sour part of Pasaol's performance was not only that his numbers came in a loss but it was that his teammates could not supplement his output. The versatile forward contributed 50 percent of his team's offensive production. He had 14 made field goals, equal to the makes made by his entire team.

"I need them, they need me, we need to help each other on the things we have to do," Pasaol said about his teammates. "Box out, rebounds, hustle, we need those."

Pasaol's uncanny talent to put the ball in the basket can put UE in a bit of a conundrum at times. Should the Red Warriors completely rely on one of the league's top scorers to carry them to win games? How much can you ride a hot hand? How do you involve the entire team?

For Pasaol, the answer might be simpler than it seems.

"They need to be more aggressive. It's like give and take on everything. We need to push them as well," he said.

Furthermore, it boils down to the intangibles: desire and heart.

"You can't teach heart. We need inspired basketball," he passionately said. "You need heart. You can't go to in the court and don't do anything. There should be an eagerness so that your play will come out. We can't teach heart, you should have the desire to win. That's what's lacking."

"I'm not pointing out anybody. They need to bring their A-game," he added.

The 23-year-old Pasaol is in his second-to-the-last playing year with the UE program. In his first two seasons, the Red Warriors have been an afterthought save for his 49-point masterpiece last year. One of the best scorers in the league can't translate his output into the win column. Worse, his teammates seem to have trouble chipping in.

"I'm not frustrated," Pasaol said reassuringly. "I see that my teammates are still upbeat. Even though we've been losing at least we're happy. I help them and they help me. I'm not frustrated."

Pasaol has never met a shot he didn't like. Plus, he has proven consistently that he can score whenever he wants to. The main concern now of UE's rebuilding process is combining the league's top gunner with the production of the rest of the team. If that can happen, wins will finally make their way to Pasaol and the Red Warriors.

"Our next step is helping each other out. We shouldn't go our separate ways within the system," he said. "We need to push ourselves further."