Abanto suspended one game for unsportsmanlike foul on Navarro

University of the East student-athlete Nick Abanto will be suspended for one game after the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) upgraded an act he made, initially a non-call, to an unsportsmanlike foul.

The said act happened with 6:33 left in the opening frame of the game that saw Abanto swing his left arm towards the head of Ateneo's William Navarro during a rebounding battle.

Abanto will be suspended during UE's game against Far Eastern University on Sunday, October 27.

"Upon multiple reviews of the incident, we saw that there was intent by Mr. Abanto to hit Mr. Navarro that causing him to fall and eventually be carried off the playing court," said UAAP Basketball Commissioner Jensen Ilagan. "The action was unprovoked and his intention to hurt was apparent. Therefore, an unsportsmanlike foul shall be assessed against him."

According to article 4.3 of the UAAP Basketball Rules, "The Commissioner has the power to impose additional penalties. This power may be exercised to non-calls but involve abhorrent acts in nature including, but not limited to, flagrant unsportsmanlike fouls, and conduct that involves dangerous and dirty tactics and supported by the official video."

With this, Ilagan calls on all the student-athletes to be mindful of their actions both on and off the court.

"We call on all student-athletes to always keep in mind the safety and welfare not just of their teammates but also their opponents. Though the spirit of sports is competition, the ultimate goal is to build comradery among everyone," Ilagan stressed.