Rain or Shine still no contact with Raymond Almazan

Raymond Almazan is still missing (3:27)

Raymond Almazan is still missing and Rain or Shine team officials and the player's agent said they don't know where he is. (3:27)

Raymond Almazan has been missing since he asked to be excused from Rain or Shine's game against Alaska on October 3, citing a family emergency.

Rain or Shine coach Caloy Garcia told ESPN5 on Thursday they have yet to hear from Almazan.

"As of now, we don't have any communication yet with him," Garcia said. "We tried to reach out. Maybe he's really going through something, but we still have to sit down with him and try to find out what's the problem. The only way we can do that is if he shows up."

Asked if there was any trouble brewing inside the team involving Almazan, Garcia eliminated the possibility.

"I don't think there's a problem with the team," Garcia said. "The last two days that he practiced with us, I think he was happy, then at the same time, he was playing good in practice. So game time against Alaska, there was a family emergency he had to attend to. So we're taking his word for it that there is an emergency. Like I said, we just have to wait and see what really was the problem."

Almazan's agent Danny Espiritu said Almazan's wife does not know where is he is.

"[Almazan] told me to just wait, that he's addressing an issue and that it will be over eventually," said Espiritu, who last spoke to Almazan three days ago. "I talked to his wife and she said they don't have any problems. As a matter of fact, his wife told me that's it's shameful he isn't practicing with Rain or Shine, that I should try my best to get in touch with Raymond to advise him to attend practices."

Yeng Guiao, Almazan's former coach, expressed concern.

"No one knows where he is. If even his wife doesn't know, how would I? I don't know how this situation happened," said Guiao. "I don't know what he's going through now. But I know that Raymond's a nice guy."

Rain or Shine team officials have not yet decided to fine Almazan.