Why Rashawn McCarthy thinks it's a new day for the Dyip

Columbian Dyip has a new hope (2:27)

CJ Perez, the No. 1 overall pick in the PBA Draft, has the Columbian Dyip looking forward to the start of the season. (2:27)

Rashawn McCarthy emerged as a key contributor for Columbian Dyip last season and was signed to a two-year deal on New Year's Eve. The franchise sees him as a key contributor and one of the reasons to look forward to a fresh start this season after just six wins last season.

"We just don't wanna be like a check mark on someone's schedule. Like a lot of teams may look at us at the beginning of the year, when they get the schedule and see Columbian and they see like oh, that's the easy game," McCarthy said. "We just wanna go out and fight and be competitive every night."

The Dyip added CJ Perez and JP Calvo in the draft and signed free agent Jeepy Faundo.

With Perez on board, McCarthy is confident they can become a competitive squad.

"Yes, I like what I see from the rookies. CJ, his slashing ability, his defensive ability. Also, JP, he's very smart player. And also Jeepy, I like what he's bringing with him, rebound, and his toughness on the inside," he said.

It's not certain whether they will make the playoffs of each of the conferences, but McCarthy can say the Dyip can surpass their six-win performance last year.