Phoenix opts to wait to take further action on Abueva

Phoenx issues statement on Calvin Abueva's status (1:03)

Phoenx issues statement on Calvin Abueva's status (1:03)

The Phoenix Fuel Masters in a statement Tuesday said they will decide on Calvin Abueva's fate with the team once formal court proceedings are concluded.

The statement:

"Claims of domestic violence and neglect have no place in our team and are seriously considered and mulled over by the company. Once a full and appropriate legal procedure of these allegations is conducted, the team will assess the situation further and decide Calvin's fate with the team.

Our game of basketball must be a game of rules and the fair and objective application of those rules. As a franchise, the Fuel Masters have always lived up to that. But as much as we love the game of basketball, how we live as a community is equally important," the statement continued.

As an organization, the Phoenix Fuel Maters does not stand for any form of violence or other behaviors that violate the trust and values we have in common with the entire Phoenix family, our Fuel Masters fans, and our great game of basketball.

We have consistently provided moral support to Calvin throughout these troubling times. We have been continually reaching out to the distressed cager despite his unresponsiveness and absence from the team prior even to these untoward recent incidents. More importantly we will continue to reach out to assist the Abueva family in this difficult time.

The responsibility and cure for his behavior rests with Calvin. He can step up and accept responsibility for his actions and take responsibility for his recovery - it is his choice."

Sam Abueva on Saturday used Calvin Abueva's official Instagram account (@calvinabuevaofficial) to accuse him of infidelity and physical abuse. Calvin Abueva created a new Instagram account (@abuevacalvinthebeast) to respond.

Abueva remains suspended by the PBA and Phoenix for a verbal altercation with Blackwater's Bobby Ray Parks Jr.'s girlfriend and a physical on-court altercation with TNT import Terrence Jones. Abueva then played basketball in an unsanctioned league last week.