Ashaolu: 'No excuse' for NLEX not to be competitive in Governors' Cup

The NLEX Road Warriors hope to turn their fortunes around in the upcoming 2019 Governors' Cup.

NLEX was booted out of quarterfinals contention midway through the Commissioner's Cup, but ended their campaign with an 87-85 win over the Phoenix Fuel Masters.

Suiting up for the Road Warriors once again is Olu Ashaolu, who replaced underperforming big men Tony Mitchell and Curtis Washington late last conference in preparation for the Governors' Cup.

Ashaolu, who averaged 24.6 points, 15.0 rebounds, and 4.7 assists on 52 percent shooting from the field in three games, admitted that there's still room for the team to get better as he continues to adjust to his teammates' style of play.

"I'm just getting accustomed to my teammates," he said. "I'm getting my body in tip-top shape. I'm getting ready both physically and mentally."

He's also looking forward to sharing the court with NLEX's vaunted duo of Kiefer Ravena and Kevin Alas. The two have yet to play with the import owing to Ravena's 18-month FIBA suspension and Alas' ACL injuries.

"I've seen Kiefer in practice and he looks really good. So I'm excited. You know, even from last year, I have been hearing about him, but I never got to practice with him, play with him. So I'm excited for that," he observed. "Hopefully, you know, Kevin [can recover from] his injuries so he can come back as soon as he can."

NLEX had trouble executing on offense last conference, committing a league-high 19.4 turnovers per game. Ashaolu thinks finding a solution to that problem can help the Road Warriors barge into the playoffs - a feat they accomplished with Aaron Fuller last year.

"I think that there's no excuse for us to not be competitive next conference," Ashaolu said. "As a team we just got to be able to play smarter, reduce our turnovers. We've had some bad turnover games. Our turnover-to-assist ratio is not the greatest. So we have to cut back on our turnovers and still be aggressive."