No definite timetable for James Yap's return

Rain or Shine is being cautious with James Yap's right groin injury, which he suffered on October 4 in the Elasto Painters' defeat to the defending champions Magnolia Pambansang Manok.

Yap underwent PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment on Saturday under rehab doctor Pie Aycardo.

"By estimate, James will miss about two to three weeks because he just had his PRP injection last Saturday," Rain or Shine physical therapist JD Calinawan told ESPN5. "The PRP aims to fasttrack the healing of the muscle tear on his right groin."

Calinawan said Yap can start light exercises and other rehab activities within the week, but the Rain or Shine training staff are also closely monitoring his progress, knowing that a misstep could delay his return.

"Again, the time frame is about a week and a half to two weeks of practice. But that's also tricky sometimes because he could experience pain when he resumes basketball activity so we want to avoid re-injuring it," explained the Rain or Shine PT.

It is the second straight conference that Yap went down with an injury. In the 2019 Commissioner's Cup, Yap missed the latter part of the eliminations, as well as the rest of the playoffs, due to a left groin injury.

Rain or Shine is currently at the bottom of the standings, tying Alaska with a 1-5 record. The Elasto Painters absorbed their fourth straight setback after bowing to the Aces on Sunday.