Which player had the best sneakers of Week 7 in the Governors' Cup?

It's one of the best times in the PBA with teams trying to get all those important wins to clinch playoffs berths. Teams are on the rise. Players are putting everything on the line. After every big performance and clutch bucket, we tilt our heads downwards to check which sneakers they are hooping in. These are the ones the stood out in the past week.

The KD12 has become one of the favorite sneakers of hoopers all around the world. Check the NBA, the UAAP, the NCAA, you'll see more than a handful of guys rocking them. Of course, the foot feel is one thing. It has wrap the foot up comfortably for it to sell like it does. But another thing is that the colorways of the sneaker are fire. New Magnolia Hotshot Chris Banchero brought out the YouTube colorway of it. He might want to think about starting a vlog soon. That would get thousands of subscribers in seconds.

The King of Jordans strikes again. It's hard to keep count of how many rare Jordans Chris Ross has paraded in the PBA. We're so used to seeing him wear something rare. This time, however, he takes it up a notch. The Jordan 13 Melo 'Class of 2002' was supposed to release in September 2018. However, due to some "minor cosmetic flaws", Nike cancelled the release of the men's and toddler's sizes. But of course, somehow Ross still found his way to a pair. It seems like that rarer the shoe is, the more likely Chris Ross owns a pair.

After wearing this particular sneaker the entire Governors' Cup, Marqus Blakely finally makes it to our list. Since Puma's comeback in basketball, the brand has introduced several silhouettes to cater to the game's community. One of the first sneakers they launched in their return is the Puma Clyde Court. This particular colorway goes was part basketball though. The colorway is actually a tribute to Meek Mill. It dropped around the same time Amazon released the docu-series Free Meek, that tackles the topic of criminal injustice through the experience of rapper Meek Mill. On the side of the shoe, a strong statement is written: "we had to be seen because we couldn't be heard." This just goes to show how sneakers have become a part of the culture, an avenue of freedom of expression.

June Mar Fajardo already had several MVP trophies before he had a shoe deal. For some players, even before they step into the pros, they're already tied up with a shoe company. But not a lot of shoe stores carry June Mar's size. In fact, shoes that fit him barely make it to the country. But Fajardo eventually landed a shoe deal. And on top of that, with how the world wide web has connected retailers across oceans, it's become easier to get a hold of anything anywhere. June Mar had this KD12 ID done. It's embraced by patent yellow and some details of red. Colors of San Miguel? Maybe. Kind of. The important thing here, I guess, is that they fit.

Earlier today, the new Nike Kyrie 6 'Manila' dropped. It was part of a pack that had 11 colorways of the Kyrie 6 represent different cities across the globe. What Paul Zamar used against Blackwater was not the Kyrie 6 but it had a similar shade. Zamar took us back to the earlier days of the Kyrie signature line. This is the first edition of the Kyrie Low, a parallel line to the Brooklyn star's signature. There have been a lot of Kyrie sneakers released after the Kyrie Low 1 but there's no doubt that style-wise, it still stands with the best of today's kicks.