Blackwater Elite team owner Dioceldo Sy looking to sell franchise

Blackwater Elite team owner Dioceldo Sy said Wednesday night he wants to sell the franchise. Sy's announcement came a day after the PBA warned the five-year-old team of possible sanctions for practicing ahead of the PBA's official resumption of practices.

"I'm open to talks with any company interested to join the PBA and I'm a willing seller at a right price," Sy told ESPN5. "I'm not interested with the PBA at this point in time. And I hope there's interested company that wants to buy our franchise."

Philippine Star's sports editor Nelson Beltran first tweeted Sy's desire to sell the team.

With the PBA inactive since mid-March when Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte implemented an enhanced community quarantine in Luzon, players have been working out individually, sometimes aided by their respective team conditioning coaches.

The Inter-Agency Task Force allowed sports like basketball and football practices to resume upon request of the PBA and other football organizations early this July.

Marcial set July 22 as the date for teams to resume practices. The PBA commissioner said everyone must undergo swab testing three days prior to resuming practice.

Sy on Monday's Sports Page at TV5 said Blackwater started practicing last weekend while adhering to the pro league's health protocols.

"I personally saw them last Saturday. I went to the practice. I saw the protocol. What we're doing is very strict. ... Today will be eight players in two hours, four players per hour," Sy said on the show.

Marcial talked to Sy on Tuesday and warned of possible sanctions for holding close-door sessions early.

Games and Amusement Board chairman Abraham Mitra on Wednesday wrote a letter to Blackwater alternate governor Silliman Sy.

The letter, obtained by ESPN5, states in part:

"However, it has been reported to GAB that Blackwater Elite PBA Team allegedly failed to comply with the directives of the GAB to wait for the approval of the [Joint Administrative Order]. Hence, the Board issued a Show Cause Order requiring the team owners and members to explain why disciplinary action should not be taken against them.

"The Board shall likewise conduct investigation to determine whether the team has violated the IATF Omnibus Guidelines when they allegedly resumed trainings sans approval of the JAO."