Abueva closer to pro license reinstatement after completing GAB seminar

The Games and Amusements Board (GAB) announced on Thursday that Phoenix Super LPG forward Calvin Abueva had completed his three-day Professional Athlete's Code of Conduct and Ethics seminar.

Completion of the said seminar was part of the caveats GAB ordered as part of Abueva's professional license reinstatement.

"Based on compliance to the documentary requirements and results of post-seminar evaluation reinstatement of his professional license is, therefore, recommended subject to the conditions and approval of the board," said GAB staff Kara Mallonga.

The remaining requirement for Abueva's reinstatement is undergoing a drug test, based on the statement of GAB Chairman Abraham Mitra last Oct. 2.

All three seminars were conducted online on Oct. 6, 8, and 14, with varying activities assigned every session. A separate guidance session was done in preparation for the final assessment.

In the report, it was stated that Abueva was able to "sufficiently complete all the seminar requirements and submit all the activities assigned to him."

"He engaged and energetically participated in the discussions. He presented a fundamental understanding of the conduct and ethical expectations of professional athletes but might have the need for supplementary assistance and guidance from team management to ensure consistent reinforcement," added the report.

Separate discussions were also made with Abueva's former coach Alan Trinidad, longtime mentor Topex Robinson, and team manager Paolo Bugia. According to the report, all three noted improvements since last year.

"The three were consistent in stating that Abueva's childlike manner may have caused him to get misunderstood by many since his in-court play is quite aggressive given that his skills were not scientifically acquired but rather by playing in rough community settings," explained the report.

Bugia also reportedly agreed on behalf of the team to provide Abueva necessary aid to ensure that he is "able to deal with the psychosocial pressures of being a professional athlete."

Abueva is included in the Fuel Masters' 15-man lineup, but as PBA Commissioner Willie Marcial had repeatedly stated in past interviews, he is still "undergoing a completion of his requirements."

He has been suspended by the league since June 2019 for separate on-court incidents that occurred within days of each other.