Beermen's Chris Ross calls KaTropa's Terrence Jones 'mentally a baby'

Terrence Jones, TNT cruise in Game 3 (2:35)

Terrence Jones, RR Pogoy, and Don Trollano provided enough offense to power TNT past San Miguel in Game 3 of the Commissioner's Cup finals. (2:35)

San Miguel guard Chris Ross had some choice words for TNT import Terrence Jones as the beef between the two escalated after the KaTropa's Game 3 victory in the Commissioner's Cup finals.

"He's mentally a baby. Mentally, he's a baby," an irate Ross said. "I got two busted lips and now a lump from a dude that's mentally two-years-old."

Ross and Jones got into it in the first quarter after the KaTropa import headbutted Ross in a dead ball situation with 5:51 left. Moments before that, Jones was called for a loose ball foul while battling Ross for a rebound.

Jones was given a Flagrant 1 foul for the headbutt, while Ross was slapped with a technical foul for taunting, which further upset the Beermen guard.

"I got a tech for no reason, I didn't turn and talk to him or anything," Ross said. "They give me a tech for nothing. They said they thought I said something to him. You can't give a tech for you thinking something."

Ross also was upset that Jones wasn't ejected for the headbutt.

"I think that's BS. I was going straight and then he came and headbutted me. I thought that was more than an F1," he said. "I thought I've seen people ejected for a headbutt. I guess not today."

Jones declined to respond when informed of Ross' comments.

"I don't know man, I don't really got too much to say about it. I'm just here to try to win the game and we did that today, " Jones said. "We're just trying to move forward and try to win Game 4. [I] love this game of basketball. And I'm not giving any credit to any dirty player, nothing like that."

This isn't the first incident between the two. In Game 2, the Beermen guard sustained a cut in his lip after Jones hit him in a loose ball chase late in regulation. Jones was subsequently ejected for incurring his second flagrant foul of the game.

Ross also took a swipe at the KaTropa for calling them out for "playing dirty."

"It's basketball. Are you gonna cry about that? We're not playing dirty, no one's playing dirty," Ross said. "They're gonna cry about people playing mind games? Come on man, grow up.

"No one's doing nothing dirty, if you're not mentally strong enough to play in a game like this, then go play somewhere else. If they're crying about playing mind games, they need to check themselves. If that's what they want to cry to the PBA, let them cry about that. I guess it worked today because they got 50 free throws."

While Jones declined to provide any comment, TNT consultant Mark Dickel lauded his import's ability to stay patient and play through any untoward incidents that came his way.

"[W]e just stressed to him that we'd fight for him on the sideline," Dickel said. "It's very, very difficult and it's not an easy role to have. Pretty much everybody on the other side is trying to agitate you and get you out of your game. I'm not saying San Miguel is wrong for doing that. I'm saying is that it's hard for him to adjust.

"I thought he's shown a lot of patience, a lot of maturity just being able to play through the game and not reacting to any of that."

On the basketball side of things, Ross acknowledged that San Miguel had a lot of cleaning up to do on both ends of the floor as the team failed to follow up on its close win last Wednesday.

"I don't know, we gotta watch the film and come up with something," he said. "We had some lapses, kinda the same as Game 1. It happens in basketball. We just gotta watch film and fix those things."