Santos defends racist gesture toward TNT's Jones

Arwind Santos refused to apologize on Wednesday despite outraging fans on social media after imitating a monkey to taunt TNT import Terrence Jones during Game 5 of the PBA Commissioner's Cup finals.

Santos could be seen on camera directing the gesture from the sidelines at Jones, who was called for a foul with 1:05 left in the first half. The act is widely considered racist, but the Beermen forward downplayed it as just a basketball tactic.

"I told you, those are mind games," Santos explained in Filipino. "Basketball's about mind games, right? I figured he'd see and get irked if he gets called such. That would be favorable for us."

"But I was warned earlier, that's why I didn't do it again. I used to do it before but I didn't get any warnings, so it was alright," he added.

The 13-year veteran even defended the move and said that it was something he used to do even before he played for the San Miguel franchise.

"Before, you could even shout it. Back when I was in Air21, during the time of Dorian Peña, we used to call them gorilla. But that's nothing, we were only trying to get in their head because they're good."

A warning from Commissioner Willie Marcial, though, kept Santos from repeating the act.

"We only got a warning," he said. "Earlier I got a warning from the commissioner and from my coaches that's why I didn't do it anymore."

It remains to be seen whether he'll be sanctioned for the incident, but Santos, for his part, remains adamant in his refusal to show remorse.

"Me, sorry? No. That depends on him. If he gets annoyed, then he's really a monkey. If he doesn't, he's not a monkey. We're just trying to get on his nerves," he said.

"My brothers and I used to tease each other. I'm not related to him. We just wanna win. If he gets annoyed, that's not my fault. That's basketball."