Watch: Falcons kicker/punter Matt Bosher with a blistering hit

CHARLOTTE -- Maybe the Atlanta Falcons should have used punter Matt Bosher on defense this season.

Bosher had arguably the best tackle of 2018, at least for the Falcons, when he threw Carolina Panthers returner Kenjon Barner to the ground in the first half Sunday on a kickoff return. Bosher, who handles kickoffs, showed perfect tackling form and even flexed after putting Barner on his back.

"Kenjon's a hell of a returner," Bosher said. "Just caught him at the wrong time with the jump cut. My job is to stand back there and just kind of be a safety, be head up on the ball, and just make the play when it gets to me.''

The play drew three smacks on the helmet from Bosher's teammate, Marvin Hall. Barner looked like he didn't know what hit him.

Bosher probably deserves a game ball no matter the final outcome. He epitomized the fast and physical style his coach, Dan Quinn, always preaches.

It also appeared that Bosher flexed a bit over Barner after the play. Did he talk a little trash?

"I mean, I went to Miami," Bosher said. "It's in me, I guess."