All-Big 12 team: signing day edition

Evaluating recruits is an inexact science. Every year, many five-stars become busts while two-stars blossom into All-Americans.

But as an exercise, we've compiled what an All-Big 12 team would look like based solely on the ESPN recruiting rankings of the players that signed into the conference Wednesday.

This is not a personal prediction of how these recruits will pan out, nor a guess at what the all-Big 12 team might look like three years from now. It's simply a reflection of the top-rated players at each position from ESPN's recruiting rankings (junior-college transfers were not included).


QB: Austin Kendall, Oklahoma (No. 7 QB-PP)

RB: Kyle Porter, Texas (No. 15 RB)

RB: Kameron Martin, Baylor (No. 17 RB)

WR: Devin Duvernay, Baylor (No. 3 WR)

WR: Isaiah Graham, TCU (No. 13 WR)

WR: Tren'Davian Dickson, Baylor (No. 27 WR)

TE: Chase Allen, Iowa State (No. 12 TE-Y)

OT: Tramonda Moore, Oklahoma State (No. 7 OT)

OG: Patrick Hudson, Baylor (No. 1 OG)

C: Kellton Hollins, TCU (No. 9 C)

OG: Denzel Okafor, Texas (No. 16 OG)

OT: Austin Myers, TCU (No. 9 OT)

AP: Sewo Olonilua, TCU (No. 13 ATH)


DE: Isaiah Chambers, TCU (No. 22 DE)

DT: Jordan Elliott, Texas (No. 12 DT)

DT: Chris Daniels, Texas (No. 14 DT)

DE: Mark Jackson, Oklahoma (No. 24 ATH)

OLB: Jeffrey McCulloch, Texas (No. 2 OLB)

ILB: Brendan Ferns, West Virginia (No. 7 ILB)

ILB: Jimmy McKinney, Kansas State (No. 17 ILB)

OLB: Caleb Kelly, Oklahoma (No. 7 OLB)

CB: Eric Cuffee, Texas (No. 11 CB)

CB: Jordan Parker, Oklahoma (No. 22 CB)

S: Brandon Jones, Texas (No. 2 S)

S: Kenan Ivy, Baylor (No. 14 S)

The top-rated players at each position who didn't make the cut:

QB: Zach Smith, Baylor (No. 10 QB-PP)

RB: Martell Pettaway, West Virginia (No. 19 RB)

WR: Jared Atkinson, Baylor (No. 38 WR)

TE: Peyton Aucoin, Texas (No. 17 TE-Y)

OT: Jean Delance, Texas (No. 13 OT)

OG: Tyler Brown, Oklahoma State (No. 27 OG)

C: Hunter Harris, Kansas (No. 17 C)

AP: Tyrell Alexander, Oklahoma State (No. 26 ATH)

DE: Amani Bledsoe, Oklahoma (No. 44 DE)

DT: Marcel Southall, Texas (No. 24 DT)

OLB: Erick Fowler, Texas (No. 17 OLB)

ILB: Demarco Boyd, Texas (No. 19 ILB)

CB: Parrish Cobb, Baylor (No. 31 CB)

S: Chanse Sylvie, Oklahoma (No. 18 S)

A few observations:

* Collectively, this was a much stronger class for the Big 12 in the trenches than last year. Neither Jean Delance nor Tyler Brown made the cut. Last year, they would have. That's a good sign for a conference that, outside Baylor, didn't fare well in the trenches in the bowl season.

* A couple areas that underscore just how strong this class was for Texas relative to the rest of the Big 12: by themselves, the Longhorns signed the top three DTs in Elliott, Daniels and Southall. They also inked the two highest-rated defensive backs in Jones and Cuffee. Charlie Strong has now put together a pair of impressive classes back-to-back.

* Kansas and Texas Tech were the only two schools not to have a player on the first team. It should be noted, though, that Tech's two top-rated players, Derrick Willies and De'Quan Bowman, are jucos, who were both on the ESPN JC50.

* If it weren't for TCU's Isaiah Graham, Baylor would've signed the top three wideouts in the league. Baylor's WR recruiting these last couple of years has been insane.

* Everyone can now relax. Some of these rankings will turn out to be on point. Some won't.