Briggs jokes he was the Bears' 'dive guy'

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Chicago Bears veteran linebacker Lance Briggs said he used to be the team's designated player to fake injuries.

This week, retired linebacker Brian Urlacher said the Bears had a "dive guy" who would fake an injury to slow down a high-powered offense. With a twinkle in his eye, Briggs didn't hesitate to join the fray started by his old teammate.

"It's crazy because I was thinking, I remembered, I was that guy," Briggs said. "I couldn't remember what the signal was, because every game I was like, 'I'm the dive guy, but what's the signal?' So I never did the dive because I forgot the signal every game. That was crazy. Are we good?'"

With that, Briggs ended his news conference, drawing a laugh from those assembled.

For the record, Urlacher claimed that the signal was a coach simulating a diver at a swimming pool.

Asked if he has talked to Urlacher since the future Hall of Famer admitted to the team's practice of faking injuries, Briggs said he had not.