Browns snap counts vs. Steelers, and what they mean

A look at the Cleveland Browns' snap counts in their 31-10 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers:

OFFENSE (59 snaps)

Thoughts: This game marked the fewest snaps for the offense this season. This was the first time the snaps were below 60, yet the offense had its best day, scoring 31 points. ... Ah, the value of big plays. ... It’s interesting that as a group the receivers had fewer total snaps (108) than in any other game this season. Previously the group had 173, 128, 188 and 140 total snaps, respectively ... One could say that is simply because there were fewer snaps, but it’s more than that. The Browns averaged 1.8 receivers per play, the first time this season they’ve had fewer than 2 per play. ... Clearly the coaching staff saw something they wanted to exploit with the Steelers. This could have been a function of Cameron finally being healthy, as he was on the field for 93 percent of the plays. ... Hawkins was on the field 54 percent of the time compared to 74 percent against Tennessee. ... Austin had less than half the snaps. ... Crowell had two more plays than he had vs. Tennessee but boy was he productive, averaging 7 yards on his 11 carries. ... A sign that this coach holds players accountable: Terrance West leads all running backs in snaps for the season, yet he got zero against Pittsburgh because he was inactive. ... Believe this: Players love it when the coach honestly and fairly demands accountability from everyone, no matter their status on the team.

DEFENSE (78 snaps):

Thoughts: The Steelers had the ball for 19 more plays than the Browns. That’s two decent drives. Yet they were pretty soundly thrashed. Go figure. .... Pretty amazing effort by the Browns defensive line. After Bryant was hurt, the Browns basically had three guys, with Sheard also moving to down end at times. All three played a lot and contributed because they did what was asked of them at their positions and did it well. ... Hughes had 60 snaps after getting 16 total the previous four games. Kitchen had four snaps going in and finished with 42. ... A tip-your-cap-to-them effort by every defensive lineman. ... Gutsy performances by Haden and Kruger as well. Haden didn’t miss a snap, Kruger had 53 after barely practicing all week. ... Gilbert’s snaps jumped from nine to 29 because the Browns were defending Ben Roethlisberger and the big play. They gave up yards on the ground to stop Ben, and it worked. ... That’s also the reason Kirksey’s snaps went from 43 to 64 and Craig Robertson’s were down to 14. Kirksey is a better pass defender. ... Martin has caught the coaching staff’s eye. His snaps went from two against Tennessee to 19 against Pittsburgh. ... Whitner missed his first two plays of the season, sitting out when the game was decided.