Twitter mailbag: Trading Tony Romo

FRISCO, Texas -- The Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready. In it we discuss:

Away we go:

@toddarcher: This year? The answer is Darren McFadden. The Cowboys don't want to trade Tony Romo this year -- or maybe ever -- but they just couldn't do it this year and make it work. The 'Let's trade Romo in 2017,' talk has already started, so let's talk about that for a moment. If the Cowboys trade Romo with his contract as is, then they would have to eat $19.6 million in dead money. Sure, they save about $5 million against the cap but Romo would count $19.6 million against the cap anyway. That would be if they cut him as well. But back to a possible trade: it would be difficult but not impossible to pull off. Teams that are quarterback needy have always overpaid for a quarterback either on a draft pick or free agent. So I wouldn't doubt the Cowboys would find suitors if Dak Prescott shows he's ready to be the guy for well into the future. What would it require? There has to be at least a first-round pick involved. But let's not get carried away just yet on a scenario that is merely talk radio -- or Twitter mailbag -- fodder at the moment.

@toddarcher: Let's stick with the quarterback talk. I understand what you are getting at with this question, but it's just not practical. In a perfect world, yes, you would be able to use both quarterbacks' strengths and theoretically it would work. But have you seen this work anywhere at any level of football? In Cowboys history it didn't work, way back when Tom Landry had Roger Staubach and Craig Morton alternating at quarterback. It didn't work in 1971 and it won't work in 2016. The team needs one voice on the field to be successful. At running back, it doesn't much matter. The line says they block the same regardless of who is running. At quarterback, things are different all the way down to the cadence. It's a good thought, but it's just not one that would work.

@toddarcher: Nicely played. Let me answer your question this way: I think there is a better chance I play for the Cowboys in 2016 than Rolando McClain does. What have we heard from Jason Garrett over and over and over again? Accountability. Chemistry. Why would the Cowboys want to add a player who is accountable to no one even if he is athletically gifted? He is suspended for another four games but I think many on the staff and in the locker room have closed the door on McClain's return. I can't say Jerry Jones has because he sees the positive in every scenario, but his return would undercut all that Garrett has been able to successfully sell this year.