Marty and McGee survived Week 1! Now what?

Oklahoma's 42-point first half powers Sooners to win (1:38)

Lee Morris, Rodney Anderson and Marquise Brown each score 65-yard touchdowns in the first half to help Oklahoma past Florida Atlantic 63-14. (1:38)

Marty Smith and Ryan McGee have almost dried out from a rain-soaked adventure in Tallahassee on Monday night, and they're still talking ball on Marty & McGee every Thursday night (7 p.m. ET, SEC Network, also on demand on the ESPN app).

The Idiots' Guide to the Weekend surveys the Week 1 action, and they're high on Oklahoma and Kyler Murray, but not so much on Chip Kelly's prospects of winning quickly at UCLA. And if you like uniforms -- especially socks -- this one's for you.