Player of the Match
Player of the Match

50 | 14 Runs | INDIA: 381/6 | RR: 7.62

  • Ravindra Jadeja16 (8b)
  • Hardik Pandya19 (9b)
  • Chris Woakes10-3-60-4
  • Jake Ball10-0-80-0

5.30pm Phew, that was some innings. England need 382 to keep the series alive. Chris Woakes bowled an impressive first spell - 5-3-14-3 - and reduced India to 25 for 3 inside five overs. Out come Yuvraj and Dhoni to the rescue like the good ol' days. The rescue operation then turned into a blitz with England struggling to get their lengths right in the death overs. I'm off to ice my fingers. Gnasher will be back with you for the start of the chase.

Yuvraj, the man of the moment: Probably, one of my best innings. The last time I got a hundred was the 2011 World Cup. I am very happy with the innings. We were trying to get a partnership. I just wanted to play down the ground and not take much risk. I have been hitting the ball well in the whole domestic season. I had a word with Sanjay Bangar, I told him the way I am hitting the ball I will go big. With the five fielder rule, mid-on, mid-off is up, the wicket was not [helpful] for the seamers after the first 10 overs. Dhoni has been a sensational captain for India. When Mahi is not captaining, he will bat freely. Hopefully, if we take early wickets we can win the game.

While we wait for the England chase, here's something to read: An Indian cricket fan wonders: How do I explain cricket to my first born?

Woakes to Jadeja, no run, head-hunting short ball, zings through to the keeper, beating Jadeja's hook
Woakes to Jadeja, SIX runs, overpitched and outside off - England have struggled with their lengths in the death - Jadeja hangs back, crouches a bit and pastes a flat six over long-off
Woakes to Jadeja, FOUR runs, too full on middle and off, Jadeja goes over his favourite midwicket region. Picks it up, splitting the two men in the deep. India reach 375
Woakes to Pandya, 1 run, Pandya pre-meditates by walking across off, scoops this length ball in the air to the left of the keeper

shabeer: "Most confusing commentary I have ever read "Ball to Pandya, 1 run, that's blasted back to Ball. It has been drilled into the wrist of Ball, who was taking evasive action. The umpire was also taking evasive action. Ball gets pinged on the left wrist and needs some medical attention"" --- Sorry, too many balls there, and the action is frenetic

Woakes to Jadeja, 1 run, low full-toss outside off, slapped away to third man
Woakes to Jadeja, 2 runs, low full-toss outside off, sliced away square on the off side. Jadeja hurtles back for the second

Woakes to finish off

49 | 9 Runs | INDIA: 367/6 | RR: 7.48

  • Ravindra Jadeja3 (3b)
  • Hardik Pandya18 (8b)
  • Jake Ball10-0-80-0
  • Liam Plunkett10-1-91-2
Ball to Jadeja, 1 run, wide yorker, squirted to cover

Ball is good to resume bowling

Yuvraj Singh: "97 in 8 overs after the 40th. What tremendous batting on display" --- Definitely not the Yuvraj Singh

Ball to Pandya, 1 run, that's blasted back to Ball. It has been drilled into the wrist of Ball, who was taking evasive action. The umpire was also taking evasive action. Ball gets pinged on the left wrist and needs some medical attention.
Ball to Jadeja, 1 run, full and outside off, opens the face and carves it over cover-point
Ball to Pandya, 1 run, length and outside off, muscled away to long-on

Can Dhawan repeat?


Runs scored by Dhawan in India's last ODI in Cuttack, against SL in November 2014.

Rare top-order collapse


Last time India lost 3 wickets in first 5 overs of an ODI, before this - against Sri Lanka in Dhaka. Last sinch instance at home was in 2007 against Australia.

Woakes on fire


No. of bowlers to take 3 wkts in the first 5 overs of the innings vs India since 2001 - Shane Bond in Bulawayo in 2005 and Chris Woakes in this match.

Favourite opponents


Yuvraj's average against England in ODIs, before this match - his best among the full-member opponents. He has scored a fifty today.

After a long time


Last time Yuvraj scored an ODI century, vs WI in the 2011 World Cup. In 16 inns since 2011 WC, he averaged only 18.32 in 17 inns with only 2 fifties before this knock.

Yuvraj's best


Previous highest score for Yuvraj in ODIs, which was made at SCG in 2003-04. He has gone past that figure in this match.

Chase is on


England's score at the end of 25th over, 30 more than what India had made at the same point.

matching contest


Runs needed by England in the last 10 overs to win the game. India had made 120 runs in their final 10 overs of the innings.

Runs heavy


Runs scored in this match - the second-most in any ODI in India. The highest is 825 runs between hosts and Sri Lanka in Rajkot in 2009-10.

Series in hand


Consecutive bilateral ODI series wins for India at home against England. The visitors' only series win here was in 1984-85.