Player of the Match
Player of the Match

India win by 15 runs and take the series. Phew, breathless stuff. What a match that has been: 747 runs, three outstanding individual hundreds. In the end, the huge stand between Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni gave India a total that was just enough. It's a crazy time for one-day cricket. But, there was some good bowling on display as well. Chris Woakes earlier today - that feels an age ago - then Ravi Jadeja and R Ashwin in England's innings. A word, too, for Buvi Kumar. I'll stay around to bring you the presentation shortly

Sandeep: "There are so many moments which decided India's victory but what scoreboard doesn't tell is bhuvi death bowling spell! Incredible effort!"

cartoft: "So England have scored 716 runs in 100 overs this series - without a win."

Anand: "The MoM is going to be Yuvraj Singh for sure, but I would be happy of Jadeja shares it too. Bowling 4.5 economy in a match that featured almost 750 runs!!"

Tanay: "No commentary on the celebration? Come on! Gotta do that for those unable to stream this cracker of a game from work." TV cut away to the studio. Sorry

Presentation time...Eoin Morgan "We weren't at our best again. It's very disappointing to get so close and not over the line. Bowling to MS Dhoni and Yuvraj can be difficult. Your margin for error is quite small, you have to try and break the partnership. We showed a lot of fight. We believed we could chase it down. There's a tremendous amount of belief but we didn't quite have the skill."

Virat Kohli "We were wondering if we had a good start were we would have ended up...wasn't good batting. Two of the greats stood up. Getting 381 from 25 for 3 was outstanding. We knew we'd get wickets at some stage or the other but we bowled at the more difficult part of the day. The guys showed really good character. We pulled it back nicely in the end. Having won the series, just before the Champions Trophy, the key will be for us to express ourselves and work out what is the best opening partnership. Two guys who had a really good Test series [Jadeja and Ashwin] stepped up and had we not picked up those wickets I don't know where the game would have gone. I'd say we are only at 75% of our potential."

Man of the Match is Yuvraj Singh "In the domestic season I've been hitting the ball well. Me and MS understood the situation, we had to start again. I was trying to hit the ball down the ground and once we got going I thought we started to attack at the right time. We just wanted to get one partnership going then we were able to play a lot of shots. We were thinking 340-350. It's probably by best innings. I started as a lower-order batsman, the higher you bat the more balls you get to play - 150 was a target for me. I wanted to prove a point to myself. I knew it was coming. Diet has been the key, when you pass 30 you have to work harder at your fitness."

Well, that just about wraps things up for another thrilling ODI. We'll be back for the final match which is in Kolkata. Should be a fantastic atmosphere. Al Muthu's report will be updated here shortly and we'll have more reaction during the evening. For now, though, from Gnasher and Deiva it's goodbye and thanks for joining us. I'm off for a lie down.

Kumar to Plunkett, 1 run, full, straight, driven down the ground
Bumrah to Plunkett, FOUR runs, somehow gets a boundary, he was going for the scoop over fine leg and in the end it came off the top edge and cleared short third man

A magnificent, much-needed innings from the England captain. But it appears his team will fall short

Bumrah to Plunkett, OUT, super bit of cricket which could seal the deal! Get his yorker in, Plunkett can only find the bowler. Morgan had already sprinted off to try and get the strike back. Bumrah calmly turned, moved towards the stumps and then threw the ball when he was closer

EJG Morgan run out (Bumrah) 102 (129m 81b 6x4 5x6) SR: 125.92

Bumrah to Morgan, FOUR runs, full toss, just clears backward point! The early boundary for the over, slices over the infield as he swings hard, and that's a fantastic century! Brief acknowledgement. Job to do

33 off 12. What a game. Haider: "Too much for Morgan to do. India have this, wet ball or not." Brave call, but it does just favour them

Sandeep Berry: "This game is so nerve wrecking, and now nail biting! "

Kumar to Morgan, FOUR runs, over the off side this time, what a finish we have here! Buvi pushed the ball full and across Morgan who sliced it over backward point and it skipped away

Utsav: "So, we are in the MEK Hussey zone. Can Morgan do it?" Buvi drying the ball

Kumar to Morgan, FOUR runs, beats the fielder this time! Poor line, outside leg stump, it's almost a free swing for Morgan and he places it wide of deep square leg
Bumrah to Plunkett, FOUR runs, back to back boundaries! Oh boy. This is dropped shorter, Plunkett gets underneath and pulls it down to the vacant fine leg area
Bumrah to Plunkett, FOUR runs, crunched! That's a fierce blow down the ground. Stand and deliver from Plunkett as he drills through the line
Bumrah to Plunkett, no run, he's been given lbw and Plunkett has called for the review. Did he get outside the line of off stump? He's well across the crease. Yes, impact outside the line. But, hang on, there's confusion here! Third umpire says to stay with the on-field decision...for a moment the decision is upheld, but then finally overturned
Bumrah to Morgan, SIX runs, over the rope! Length outside off, Morgan stands still and clubs it clear of the long-on boundary...this isn't over, folks

Can Dhawan repeat?


Runs scored by Dhawan in India's last ODI in Cuttack, against SL in November 2014.

Rare top-order collapse


Last time India lost 3 wickets in first 5 overs of an ODI, before this - against Sri Lanka in Dhaka. Last sinch instance at home was in 2007 against Australia.

Woakes on fire


No. of bowlers to take 3 wkts in the first 5 overs of the innings vs India since 2001 - Shane Bond in Bulawayo in 2005 and Chris Woakes in this match.

Favourite opponents


Yuvraj's average against England in ODIs, before this match - his best among the full-member opponents. He has scored a fifty today.

After a long time


Last time Yuvraj scored an ODI century, vs WI in the 2011 World Cup. In 16 inns since 2011 WC, he averaged only 18.32 in 17 inns with only 2 fifties before this knock.

Yuvraj's best


Previous highest score for Yuvraj in ODIs, which was made at SCG in 2003-04. He has gone past that figure in this match.

Chase is on


England's score at the end of 25th over, 30 more than what India had made at the same point.

matching contest


Runs needed by England in the last 10 overs to win the game. India had made 120 runs in their final 10 overs of the innings.

Runs heavy


Runs scored in this match - the second-most in any ODI in India. The highest is 825 runs between hosts and Sri Lanka in Rajkot in 2009-10.

Series in hand


Consecutive bilateral ODI series wins for India at home against England. The visitors' only series win here was in 1984-85.