Player of the Match
Player of the Match

10.41pm That's it from the ODI series. Thanks for joining us. We'll see you soon for the next one. On behalf of Shashank and Ranjith - good night.

Virat Kohli: It's quite amazing to have won the series 5-0. We always thought the shorter format is going to be much more challenging. The youngsters and the spunk on the field has worked for us. All round, it's been a complete series for us. We've been playing some good ricket. We didn't win three games in the shorter format before this, and now we have six in a row including the West Indies series.

Jasprit Bumrah, Man of the Series: It's always a dream to play Test cricket, but I'll wait for my chance. It was my first visit to Sri Lanka and I'm glad I did well. I was focussing on my preparation, I had time to rest and it makes you hungry. It's been a long journey with Malinga and I've learnt a lot. I just want to learn and become a better bowler.

Upul Tharanga: It is a very difficult time for us. We were not up to the standard. It was a good toss to win. We lost a few early wickets. Thirimanne and Mathews had a good partnership. One stage we were looking for 260-270. Unfortunately we collapsed again. We have to improve all three departments, especially our batting. We couldn't get those big scores in all five games. We lost a few main players, but still as a captain I feel we didn't play to our standard.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Man of the Match: Wasn't among the wickets in the first few matces. When wickets came, they came in the form of a five-for so I'm happy. We wanted to bowl more slower balls to these batsmen based on our analysis of them. Whenever I went in, I just wanted to do well. There's no point to prove to anyone.

10.15 pm Apt that Kohli ends this long list of ODI stereotypes. Another Indian win over Sri Lanka, another series triumph, another hundred in another chase. It's become too easy to call. Five-nil. Test whitewash followed by ODI whitewash. Sri Lanka thoroughly throttled. A humdrum finish. A stroll to mark how easy it has been. Even Jadhav didn't feel hurried towards the end, bringing out pokes and nudges to stay in there as long as he could. The presentation shortly.

de Silva to Kohli, 1 run, tossed up at off stump, driven past the bowler to long-off to bring up the 5-0 whitewash

Sunil Pillai: "I think fitness levels also have a lot to do with getting more 100s. Its not easy to stay on the field in all weather conditions with all the gear on for long periods of time and score at a high pace as well. "
Anshul : "Not taking any credit off from kohli, he is a legend, but the comptition between ball and bat has been drastically changed sing the last decade... Its more of a batters game now."
Dev Kapur: "@Yousuf Simple reason : No Warne, Murali, McGrath, Ambrose, Walsh, Donald, Wasim, Waqar, Kumble, Saqlain, Lee, Akhtar, ...."
Vipul : "Full respect to Kohli's talent and stats, but the quality of bowling I feel has deteriorated post mid-2000s. Yousuf, that could be another reason. "

de Silva to Jadhav, OUT, caught behind. Short and spinning away from off. Looks to nudge it past short third man, but only manages a tickle through to Dickwella who takes a neat catch

KM Jadhav c †Dickwella b de Silva 63 (73b 7x4 0x6) SR: 86.30

Siriwardana to Kohli, FOUR runs, short one at middle stump, goes deep in the crease and lifts the pull over midwicket with quick arms
Dananjaya to Kohli, 1 run, full at off stump, pushed to point to steal the single and bring up his 30th ODI century, equalling Ricky Ponting at the age of 28.
Dananjaya to Jadhav, FOUR runs, shot! Oh lovely! Tossed up at middle stump, down the track to meet it at the pitch, and he drills it over the umpire
Malinga to Jadhav, 1 run, slower ball, overpitched outside off. Gets down one on knee and nudges it to third man to bring up his fifty
Malinga to Jadhav, FOUR runs, overpitched at leg stump, flicked between fine leg and deep square. The two fielders converge, nearly knock each other out and in the end, even after putting in the slide, deep square has no idea where the ball is. He's looking around, sliding into the rope, as the ball follows him and makes connection
Pushpakumara to Jadhav, FOUR runs, nicely played. Good length at middle stump. Gets low and rolls his wrists over the sweep to find the square leg boundary

Kohli's milestone


No. of batsmen to score 10,000 runs in list-a cricket, including Kohli who got there in this match. His average is the second highest among those 100 players behind Bevan (57.86).

New record


No. of stumpings by MS Dhoni in ODIs - the first wicketkeeper to achieve this.

First in the last


No. of 100+ partnerships for SL in this series in the first 4 ODIs. Thirimanne and Mathews have shared their first century in this match; India have had 6 such stands in first 4 ODIs.

Bumrah's series


Most wkts by a fast bowler in a bilateral ODI series of max. 5 matches, by Andre Adams v Ind 2002/03, Clint McKay v Pak 2009-10. Bumrah also has 14 wkts with Tharanga's dismissal.

One to avoid


Sri Lanka have never suffered a whitewash in a bilateral ODI series of any number of matches at home. They trail by 0-4 in this series.