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Commentator: Varun Shetty

18 | 5 Runs 1 Wkt | BH-W: 166/6 | RR: 9.22

  • Kirby Short4 (2b)
  • Sammy-Jo Johnson6 (4b)
  • Carly Leeson3-0-31-1
  • Erica Kershaw1-0-10-1

4:49pm The reigning champions have made it into the final. And it will be a home final for them against Adelaide Strikers, who have never won this title before. Heat will be thrilled with this result, even if it got a little clumsy at the end. Maddy Green's fireworks at the start and her 69 run stand with Mooney set the tone perfectly for what was a challenging target. Strano got them both in two balls, but Jess Jonassen and Grace Harris came out attacking nonetheless and kept the momentum going. And then they exploded against some wayward bowling from the Renegades. Six sixes between them and an 80-run stand. A big, big win with two overs to spare. Jess Jonassen is the Player of the Match. Thanks for joining us, see you tomorrow!

Leeson to Short, FOUR runs, driven to the point boundary. The captain hits the winning runs and Brisbane Heat are into the final. Length ball wide outside off, reaches out and scythes it
Leeson to Short, no run, length on leg stump, pushed into the leg side on the front foot
Leeson to Johnson, 1 run, length on middle, chipped into the midwicket region with soft hands
Leeson to Johnson, no run, full and very wide outside off. Looks to drive, trickles into the leg side off the inside half
Leeson to GM Harris, OUT, taken at long-on. Length on off stump, jumps down the pitch and looks to launch it over long-on. It's a big boundary that side and she doesn't clear it this time. But it's a match-defining knock from Grace Harris

GM Harris c Wareham b Leeson 42 (27b 2x4 4x6) SR: 155.55

Leeson to GM Harris, no run, full and wide outside off. Looks to drive and gets it back to the bowler off the inside edge

Heat Wmn 2nd innings Partnerships

1st69BL MooneyML Green
2nd0JL JonassenBL Mooney
3rd80JL JonassenGM Harris
4th0GM HarrisL Harris
5th6GM HarrisAC Kerr
6th6GM HarrisSJ Johnson
7th4KL ShortSJ Johnson