Player of the Match
Player of the Match

7:09pm And that is all from our coverage! Thanks for joining us and we'll see you soon.

Faf: We wanted to improve and the batting was the one thing [we wanted to improve]. Especially when you have a good start. Today the guys came in and started partnerships. Normally it's difficult to come and score runs in Durban and they made it looks easy. You need to have hitters in the tank and that's one thing we've always been blessed. Today it was pleasing to see the talking we did after the last game was put into action. A really good package performance, I was proud of the guys. The plan is regardless of the results, everything we're thinking about, our big picture thinking, will be implemented in the last two games. We'll have to see what the selection panel gives us tomorrow.

QDK: [Training when you're in this form] Series in general, you just top up to make sure you're in your grove. Doing a lot of practice can be mentally tiring, so I just do top-ups. It's a mental thing. The season before was not my best ever. Came out this season with a strong mindset. Just to convert one of my scores into a decent score was pleasing.

Quinton de Kock is the Man of the Match.

Malinga: First half when we were bowling, we misfielded a lot. 15-20 runs too much. We got a good start 2 for 75, but after that with the DLS, it's very hard to get that kind of target. We were looking forward to concentrate and play their roles, but with the rain they couldn't do what we expected. Kamindu is a very interesting player in our future. He's a plus point going into the matches. We still want to give opportunity for the players to get confidence and do their job.

Y.V.: "Let us Sri Lankans be proud for the fact that Our team accepted the target. Fernando, Mendis, Thisara tried their best. Lets forget about this match and move on."

Abhijato: "Haha... Tahir clearly wants as many wickets as he can get before he rides off into the glorious sunset. We will miss your idiosyncrasies, Imran!"

Graeme: "The issue with DLS is that there's never going to be a way to accurately predict something that didn't happen because of rain, there's no perfect system"

Tiaan: "Hahah another first review of the last ball with 70 adv."

Rifdhy: "Are you kidding me Tahir? Reviewing after you win the game... bit of funny though"

6:52pm And that is the game. Ending much later than originally expected, and also much tamer than it might have been. A boring, dull end in front of nearly no spectators. BUT, South Africa dominated this game with the bat and had their noses ahead with the ball too. They win the five-match series at 3-0 now. Quiton de Kock finally converting a brisk start. Top innings from him, that 121. South Africa's wobbly middle-order chose caution today. Rassie with a 67-ball 50, Miller with an unbeaten 42 off 46. This was largely due to debutant Kamindu, who gave them nothing with his various styles of bowling. But the allrounders got a good hit in, particularly Phehlukwayo, who finished with an unbeaten 38 off 15 balls. One of the factors that led to DLS pulling this game well out of Sri Lanka's way. Andrew Fidel Fernando's report will tell you that story shortly.

Imran Tahir to Udana, no run, Oh dear and Tahir sends one upstairs on the review. Googly rips back past the inside edge as he looks to defend this. Lbw appeal turned down as this crashes into the pads. There's no inside edge on it, though Tahir appeals for that as well when QDK takes this....missing leg stump.

Sri Lanka need 72 off 1 ball.

Imran Tahir to PHKD Mendis, no run, dropped. An inside edge onto pad, bobs past QDK's knee. He had no chance really
Imran Tahir to NLTC Perera, OUT, finds deep extra cover with the new bat. A great sliding catch from Rassie to his right. This is full outisde off, he looks to club it over the boundary. Ends up slicing it and Rassie gets there with a sprint. Tahir gestures to his family in celebration

NLTC Perera c van der Dussen b Imran Tahir 12 (23m 14b 0x4 0x6) SR: 85.71

Shamsi to PHKD Mendis, no run, hits it straight into Thisara's chest! He gets his hands in the way, the non-striker. Looks like a forearm in the end. It was sweetly hit, a length ball on middle and he got down the pitch and middled the uppish drive. Thisara is okay, but that is stinging him
Shamsi to NLTC Perera, 1 run, another top edge falls safely in the covers. Another length ball outside off, swings and gets it into the covers
Shamsi to NLTC Perera, 2 runs, just past point. Length ball turning away outside off, slogs across the line and just clears that fielder with a top edge

Mark: "Methinks that Sri Lanka would have preferred to chase 35 from 4 overs. This one was always going to be very tough if the chase was reduced to 25-30 overs. A lot of fast scoring needed, but conserving wickets: always extremely difficult for the chasing side." --- For context, if this was a 20-over innings, Sri Lanka's target would have been 157: they'd need 82 off the last four!

Imran Tahir to BKG Mendis, OUT, takes it himself. And whatever the situation, Tahir will celebrate this wickets with fervour. Length ball, slow and turning away outside off. Steps out and doesn't get to the pitch of it. Gets a top edge, Tahir collects it in the covers region

BKG Mendis c & b Imran Tahir 41 (49m 31b 4x4 2x6) SR: 132.25

Shamsi to BKG Mendis, SIX runs, shot! Mendis enjoying himself here. Not a bad way to approach this. No pressure now. Length at middle stump, steps out and clubs another one, on the rise, over wide long-on with the turn
Shamsi to BKG Mendis, SIX runs, clears long-on! Good connection on this! Length ball spinning in from middle stump, steps out and uses the turn to launch this. Sweet hit
Shamsi to NLTC Perera, 1 run, length and turning away from middle stump, looks to slog, ends up slicing it over the bowler and it lands safely between long-on and long-off
Imran Tahir to NLTC Perera, no run, beaten. Googly. Full outside off, and past his massive swing through the line
Imran Tahir to BKG Mendis, FOUR runs, nicely played! Full slider at off stump, gets low and drills this sweep flat between deep midwicket and long-on

Sri Lanka 2nd innings Partnerships

1st11N DickwellaWIA Fernando
2nd24BOP FernandoWIA Fernando
3rd41BOP FernandoBKG Mendis
4th28NLTC PereraBKG Mendis
5th14NLTC PereraPHKD Mendis
6th3I UdanaPHKD Mendis