Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Plenty of you mentioning Headingley '01. Who will be England's Mark Butcher? Or, more realistically, who can dig in long enough to help them reach tea?

Adam has been watching highlights of Jason Roy's 180 at the MCG: "Chased 350 a few times in 50 overs with a similar batting line up, no sweat"

"Am I right in thinking that in 3 innings we haven't yet had a second new ball...?" Spot on, Justin.

Matt: "To be fair, Matt, it might be five times the total score, but it's not that much more to ask every English batsman to score five times his score from the first time they batted!" Do you genuinely think Joe Denly can be expected to reach 60?!

12.30pm: Just the 359 to win then, for England - that's just over five times what they made in their first innings. Confident, England fans? A strange innings, all things considered, which felt like a collective recovery from the carnage of yesterday morning. Stokes in particular was very impressive with a real Stakhanovite spell that seemingly never ended, but England were sloppy in the field and Marnus Labuschagne played a brilliant, old-school Test match innings to put Australia into a commanding position.

Archer to Lyon, OUT, backs away, looks to crash it away through the off side and chops on! That's a true tailender's dismissal, eyes lit up, and ended up sending it crashing onto his own stumps

NM Lyon b Archer 9 (25m 17b 1x4 0x6) SR: 52.94

Archer to Lyon, no run, backs away and hoiks it into the leg side, spills out towards mid-on off the toe

Alfredo: "Half century for Hazlewood, mark my words! "

75 | 5 Runs | AUS: 246/9

  • Josh Hazlewood4 (5b)
  • Nathan Lyon9 (15b)
  • Ben Stokes24.2-7-56-3
  • Jofra Archer13.4-2-40-1

Ben: "@Ross W Menzies, at whose expense? NSW already has Starc, Hazlewood, Cummins, Lyon, O'Keefe & Copeland" Doesn't Jof make it in ahead of big Trent, at least? I know he's a pretty useful Shield-level seamer, but even still...

Stokes to Hazlewood, no run, yorker outside off, looks to dig it out but can't get bat on it
Stokes to Hazlewood, no run, textbook forward defensive shot on the front foot, out into the off side

Round the wicket

Stokes to Lyon, 1 run, length on off stump, and driven sumptuously out to Broad at mid-off
Stokes to Lyon, no run, full on off stump, looks to flamingo it into the leg side, inside edge onto the pads
Stokes to Lyon, FOUR, short on leg stump, pulled out to Woakes at fine leg, who fields misfields horribly, and parries it away for four
Stokes to Lyon, no run, short ball, looks to swat it away but flaps at it and misses out

Ross W Menzies: "Ben - Root's not good enough to play for NSW. They might take Archer however."

74 | 5 Runs 1 Wkt | AUS: 241/9

  • Josh Hazlewood4 (3b)
  • Nathan Lyon4 (11b)
  • Jofra Archer13.4-2-40-1
  • Ben Stokes23.2-7-51-3
Archer to Hazlewood, no run, short, and hits him on the body! Chest-high on off stump, looks to get out the way of it but it hits him on the chest
Archer to Hazlewood, FOUR, yorker this time, up at 92mph, and clipped off the pads for four through midwicket! That's the sort of thing I mean...

Hazlewood looks like he should be a handy batsman, I always think, but his stats don't back it up at all.

Archer to Hazlewood, no run, short ball, awkward but ultimately solid defensive shot off the back foot

And in comes Hazlewood to face the (chin) music

England 4th innings Partnerships

1st15JJ RoyRJ Burns
2nd0JJ RoyJE Root
3rd126JL DenlyJE Root
4th18JE RootBA Stokes
5th86JM BairstowBA Stokes
6th8JC ButtlerBA Stokes
7th8CR WoakesBA Stokes
8th25BA StokesJC Archer
9th0SCJ BroadBA Stokes
10th76BA StokesMJ Leach