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Scorer: Chandan Duorah | Commentator: Sreshth Shah (@sreshthx)

4.10pm Match abandoned due to rain. Holder and Duminy shake hands, so does the rest of the team. We saw an impressive batting performance under difficult conditions from Quinton de Kock and Hashim Amla today. Andre Russell bowled a mean short ball too, and the Holder-Cottrell duo bowled a terrific opening spell albeit with no rewards.

South Africa's next game with be the World Cup opener on June May 30 against England, while West Indies play another warm-up game in a few days. Thanks for hanging out with us on this gloomy Sunday, we'll see you tomorrow for more cricketing action. On behalf of Shamya and Chandan, this is Sreshth signing off.


Will from Brist: "Blue sky visible at the ground for the first time today, no rain currently, no more rain forecast, and they've e cancelled the match. Hope they do better for the rest of the WC or this could be the most disappointing ever.. "

Meer : "I'll keep you company - who's someone you think will burst on to the scene unexpectedly in this World Cup? " -- could be Rassie van der Dussen's year!

Matthew Dunk: "Are these matches classified as ODIs, List A matches or neither?" -- none of those, mate. These are called 'other one-dayers'

Verdad: "Can my comment get published during this rain? Anyway.. SA can take away from these 2 warm ups that they have a strong top order.. Amla, Faf, QDK.. 150 - 200 from those 3 should help them win any match."

mikesiva: "I think we should've made changes to our preliminary squad. I would've like to have seen Keemo Paul bowling in these conditions." -- Handy batter too

Muhammad: "The forecast is showing no rain so where's it raining from???" -- Didn't you know that the forecast should never be trusted?

4.08pm Thanks, Shamya. Well, it's not been drizzling in London today, and the England squad members went out for a run, in honour of Andrew Strauss' late wife Ruth. Pictures and more details right here

I don't have much to share, and the messages from all of you have dried up too ... so over to Sreshth again, with the hope that he brings happy news.

Will we have any more action? Maybe. The rain comes and goes in these parts. But it must be frustrating for everyone, and maybe they will just call it off. Spells of a few overs here and few overs there don't really do much for anyone, does it?

3.45pm And we're off again ... this is so disappointing.

The pitch is under covers again, the umbrellas and sombreros are out in the stands again - amazingly, a lot of people have stayed put - and we go back to staring at the sky and adding the minutes.

Russell to Amla, 1 run, pitched up again, very straight, and Amla pushes it to mid-on for a single

looks like a drizzle is on

Russell to Amla, no run, pitched up, almost a yorker, and Amla gets nicely behind it to send it back to the bowler
Russell to Amla, 1 wide, too short, or, well, too much bounce; it didn't look too short but went well over the ducking Amla's head
Russell to de Kock, 1 run, he gets the ball to angle in to the batsman off the good length, and it's dabbed away to third man

Russell goes around the wicket

Russell to de Kock, FOUR runs, slightly short of good length but well outside off from Russell, and de Kock cracks the cut behind point for four

12 | 16 Runs | SA: 88/0 | RR: 7.33

  • Hashim Amla50 (44b)
  • Quinton de Kock32 (28b)
  • Oshane Thomas1-0-16-0
  • Andre Russell1.4-0-11-0
Thomas to Amla, FOUR runs, half-century for Amla, but not his best shot; better line (fifth stump) and length (goodish) from Thomas, and Amla went for the big shot in the cover region but only inside-edged it past the stumps, and the keeper, for four.