Player of the Match
Player of the Match

3.40pm: That's a wrap, Australia tying a bow on this one long before things got tense. We've had a proper Test tussle here, although England's enthusiasm for the scrap deserted them towards the end. Steven Smith's twin peaks were too much for home side to attempt an ascent - and worse than that, they know he could turn the whole series into a mountain range, the sort of form he's in. Anyway, Gnasher is inking in the parchment for his report, and we'll have more reaction and analysis on the site soon. Thanks for pitching in, as ever. For now, it's goodbye from myself, Miller and Chandan - we'll be back for more at Lord's. Ta ra!

3.25pm: Here we go with the presentations. Plenty to sift through, starting with Joe Root "It does hurt, bitterly disappointing, I thought we played some good cricket but credit to Australia. [Smith?] Two brilliant innings, we have to keep working hard on trying to get him out. Hard losing Jimmy early on but these things happen. Group decision, he passed the fitness tests. It's disappointing but we've got to try and respond to that at Lord's. Not sure, have to wait on the scans. [Archer?] Have to see how he shapes up as well. We don't have to make any shotgun decisions in terms of selection, important we're clear on how we want to go. There was some high-class bowling, we were made to work hard but I think you look further back in the Test match for where we lost it. We didn't do it for long enough and didn't take our chance. [Break between Tests] Gives us a chance to get away, regroup, make sure this doesn't have a hangover effect."

Australia's Tim Paine: [Scale of comeback] "I wouldn't say surprised, thought we were up against it at on stage but we had the best player in the world at the crease. We were excellent the second innings, bat and ball. [Smith] Running out of things to say about him, probably the best Test match performance we've seen. Wadey I've seen up close at Tasmania for the last couple of years, he's in form and a really good place. [Lyon?] Always hard to come to a Test match on day five, with the pressure on your shoulders. But we put pressure on the other end as well, Nathan took the spoils but we shared it around. This morning, our bowling was sensational. [Atmosphere] Didn't matter where it was, we know the crowd's going to be against us. The guys handled themselves well, and stuck to their guns."

Steven Smith is Man of the Match: "Pretty special, great to be here in another Ashes series. Love playing in England, the atmosphere is amazing, boys turned up and played a really good game. We know how much of a world-class spinner Gazza is, but to go 1-0 up in the series is a a big boost. I'm just grateful to be back playing for Australia, doing what I love and contributing to wins. Been a special comeback and I'm over the moon to be standing here now and contributing to a win for Australia. [First hundred] It was pretty emotional, take a few deep breaths and take it in, realise what I'd done. Probably as special as my first hundred for Australia in 2013. Really pleased, hope I can keep contributing throughout the series. Been a long 18 month for me, friends and family got me through some difficult times and got me back where I am. Don't know if it's sunk in yet, been a hell of a week, enjoyed playing in the World Cup, and being here, it's the ultimate challenge. To have started as well as we have, and as well as a team, I just hope we can continue."

3.15pm: Edgbaston has been breached, Australia winning here for the first time since 2001 (which was also the last time they enjoyed Ashes success in England); and to do so from a position of 122 for 8 shortly before tea on the first day, well, that tells you plenty about how hard they came back in this match. They will take a 1-0 lead to Lord's, where the second Test begins in nine days' time, as well as plenty of confidence - Smiffy in superlative form on his comeback, 16 wickets for Cummins and Lyon, solid support from the likes of Wade, Head and Siddle. It's also the first time they have won in England having conceded a first-innings lead since 1981. Oddly, although they have plenty of problems, England didn't play that badly: they lost the toss, were hampered by the injury to Anderson, and failed to capitalise on two good positions in the first innings (remember, they were 282 for 4 in their reply). But it'll probably take a lot more than just giving Jofra Archer a debut to turn things around.

Cummins to Woakes, OUT, short but with pace off, and Woakes can only steer it limply to slip! Done by the slower bouncer, contorting into all sorts of positions but in the end popping a simple catch up off the splice... All of which means, Australia win by 251 runs, exorcising their Birmingham hoodoo in style!

CR Woakes c Smith b Cummins 37 (67m 54b 7x4 0x6) SR: 68.51

Lyon to Anderson, FOUR runs, flighed, draws him forwards, edged between slip and gully! Didn't carry, but it will roll away for four, prompting the Edgbaston crowd to serenade Jimmy Anderson once more

One ball for Anderson to see out

Siddle to Woakes, FOUR runs, dropped! Woakes flashes at one, deflected low towards second slip, but Smith can't cling on! No luck for Siddle, but some schadenfreude for the crowd to enjoy

"Could this be the last we ever see of Jimmy in a home Ashes test. Sad if it's with a bat in his hand." It's certainly possible, Stuart. Though England will hope he can get fit for the last couple, at least. Whether the series is still alive then...

Lyon to Broad, OUT, gone, first-baller for Broad! Six for Garry! Flighted, turning on the stumps, Broad lunges at it and a fat edge plops into the hands of slip

SCJ Broad c Smith b Lyon 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Stuart Broad is next man out

Lyon to Ali, OUT, gottim, Lyon gobbles up mo mo Mo! Ninth time in Tests, so bunny it's not funny. Lyon bags his fifth and Australia are just a quick two-step away. Big spin from middle and leg, thick-edged propping forwards and snaffled at gully

MM Ali c Warner b Lyon 4 (46m 28b 0x4 0x6) SR: 14.28

Siddle to Ali, no run, huge appeal again! This looked closer, but might have been an inside-edge involved... not out either way. And missing too
Siddle to Ali, no run, nips the knee-roll from round the wicket, a long pause from Joel Wilson... and a shake of the head... looks high, but Australia review. No bat involved, and yep, Wilson is vindicated again. He's finishing strongly! Over the top of middle
Siddle to Woakes, no run, that's a jaffa! Line, length, movement back off the seam, and Woakes is sawn in half over the top of the stumps

Siddle to replace the wayward Pattinson

Pattinson to Woakes, FOUR runs, short and wide, Pattinson's lost his radar a touch, and Woakes smokes a low cut through point! Easy pickings

Ram: "What in the world happened here? I left for vacation when Australia were 7 down and now when i checked back England are down 7 is my vacation in Parallel Universe? " Short vacation. You work too hard

Pattinson to Woakes, FOUR runs, over-pitched on the pads, a measured clip off the toes, perfect timing, and that's back-to-back boundaries! The fightback is on!
Pattinson to Woakes, FOUR runs, short and slammed through the leg side! Woakes isn't going to die wondering, an expertly timed swivel-pull, all the way to the rope

England 4th innings Partnerships

1st19JJ RoyRJ Burns
2nd41JJ RoyJE Root
3rd20JL DenlyJE Root
4th5JE RootJC Buttler
5th0JC ButtlerBA Stokes
6th12JM BairstowBA Stokes
7th0MM AliBA Stokes
8th39MM AliCR Woakes
9th0SCJ BroadCR Woakes
10th10JM AndersonCR Woakes

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