20 | 9 Runs 1 Wkt | MO-M: 136/7 (10 runs required, RR: 6.80)

  • Tom Hartley5 (3b)
  • Fred Klaassen3 (3b)
  • Sam Curran3.5-0-27-2
  • Tom Curran3.5-0-25-1

9.25pm: Whoosh. The Hundred has landed its alien spacecraft on the lawn of English cricket, lasers set to stun. It's slick, it's noisy, and it's going to dominate the stage in high summer. Get strapped in, folks. Anyway, that's enough waffling for tonight - Miller is ballin' his way through the report, which will be up soon, and we'll be back for the first double-header, between the men's and women's teams of Birmingham Phoenix and Trent Rockets at Edgbaston tomorrow. Bye!

9.15pm: Not quite the same drama at the end, but the same result for the Oval Invincibles. The choons are belting out, the crowd sounds truly sozzled, and the Men's Hundred has also got off without a hitch. I thought they might struggle to defend 145 on a ground that's usually high-scoring, but all the bowlers did their bit - only Reece Topley went at more than 1.60 a ball - and Originals couldn't get any of the top order to bat through. Carlos Brathwaite attempted to roll back the years, but eventually plinked one to long-on rather than over the ropes.

Here's winning skip, and Player Hero of the Match, Sam Billings: "Unbelievable atmosphere, one of the best grounds in the world. Great to get first win on the board and follow the ladies' example. Very partisan here at the Oval, the support was phenomenal, local lads closed the game out brilliantly at the end. [Pitch?] Bit slow, we saw spin throughout. Used pitch been in the sun, what we expected. But it's about adapting, and thankfully we got enough on the board tonight. [Par score?] Definitely 150-160 on a good pitch. But on that pitch we were there or thereabouts. [Narine] He's phenomenal, done it all around the world, to have him on your side - batsmen coming in and facing that is as difficult as anything."

Originals captain Jos Buttler: [First thoughts?] "As the tournament goes on more things will unravel. Thought it was a great game, atmosphere, loved the product and had a great night. [Oval support] Lots of city rivalries, hope the cities back their franchise, nice to have a partisan side and we hope to have great support in Manchester. Bit of a challenge with our squad, guys pulling out but that has presented chances. They'll take an enormous amount from that, playing in the opening night of the Men's Hundred. [Compare to T20] Felt quicker, two balls into the five-ball over you have to make a decision. I like the opportunity to carry on [for ten], will create some great match-ups. Been great to see families, looks like they had a great nice tonight."

SM Curran to Hartley, 2 runs, pitched up and Hartley can only shovel it down to long-on, meaning Invincibles win by nine runs - the Oval outfit remains appropriately named, after the men emulate the women by claiming the opening-night spoils!

Flake time. One ball to come

SM Curran to Hartley, 2 runs, fullish length outside off, Hartley slaps it through point for a couple, this won't be enough
SM Curran to Klaassen, 1 run, fires in the full-pace yorker as a follow-up, Klaassen can't do anything with that

Klaassen can't get out. But can he nail a boundary?

SM Curran to Klaassen, 2 no balls, oh no, slower ball gone wrong! Big Sam gives up a no-ball and a free hit with one that misses the cut strip down the leg side!
SM Curran to Klaassen, 2 runs, full, Klaassen ramps it leg side, Mahmood has to turn and run... but he does well, keeps them to two

Fred Klaassen on strike, four to go

SM Curran to Brathwaite, OUT, pitched up and smashed downtown... but it doesn't have the legs, pouched at long-on! You thought that was right in the slot for Brathwaite, but he hung his head in frustration as Roy ran around the boundary and held it safely at chest-height

CR Brathwaite c Roy b SM Curran 37 (29b 2x4 1x6) SR: 127.58

Sam Curran to bowl 'em

Originals need 19 from the last six five. Carlos only needed four in Kolkata five years ago...

Originals 2nd innings Partnerships

1st4JC ButtlerPD Salt
2nd20JC ButtlerJM Clarke
3rd17C MunroJC Buttler
4th9C MunroTA Lammonby
5th19C MunroCR Brathwaite
6th53CR BrathwaiteCG Harrison
7th5CR BrathwaiteTW Hartley
8th9FJ KlaassenTW Hartley