Player of the Match
Player of the Match

11 | 17 Runs 1 Wkt | WI: 140/1 | RR: 12.72

  • Lendl Simmons91 (40b)
  • Nicholas Pooran1 (1b)
  • Simi Singh3-0-41-1
  • Barry McCarthy2-0-35-0

That's all from our side. See you soon.

Andrew Balbirnie: "We were outclassed today but if you lose wickets in clusters, that doesn't help. We will take positive from this series. Guys will learn from it ahead of the T20 World Cup."

Kieron Pollard is the Man of the Series. "Sometimes the team requires you to come out of your comfort zone and you have to step up," he says. "We need to get early wickets, we cannot have teams get to 40, 50 in not time. I think we need to improve in that area. I have played a lot of cricket, it's a lot of things that goes into bowling and that comes by playing a lot of cricket. Bravo has done that as well and we want youngsters to learn that too. It's a small ground and it was important we pulled things back [after the initial onslaught]. We showed great intensity yesterday but that's one are for me that why cannot we show the same intensity day in and day out. We love to see Simmons in that sort of mindset, a little man but he packs a punch. He took his opportunity today, he was dropped early on but he continued and finished the game."

Lendl Simmons is the Man of the Match. "It was a goo surface, a proper batting surface with the ball coming onto the bat nicely," he says. "I have the freedom to go and express myself. I missed out on the last World Cup because of injury but I am looking forward to the one this year."

9.23pm A thumping win for West Indies, set up by some canny bowling from Pollard and Bravo as they level the series 1-1. Simmons and Lewis then ensured the hosts romped home with nine wickets and as many overs to spare. There was some brutal hitting, especially from Simmons, as the openers added 133 for the first wicket. Fittingly, the winning shot too was a six.

Simi Singh to Simmons, SIX runs, a juicy full toss and Simmons needs no second invitation. Disposes it over deep midwicket for his tenth six
Simi Singh to Pooran, 1 run, length ball at the stumps, goes back and punches it towards deep extra cover

Pooran now. One slip

Simi Singh to Lewis, OUT, tossed up outside off, looks to slog sweep it and finish the game but gets a top edge and Wilson settles under it. Too late for Ireland though

E Lewis c †Wilson b Simi Singh 46 (25b 4x4 3x6) SR: 184.00

West Indies only one hit away now

Simi Singh to Lewis, FOUR runs, short of length, rocks back and smashes it past the non-striker, moves to 46 with that four
Simi Singh to Lewis, SIX runs, slower in the air but Lewis just hits it through the line, keeps his head down, he knows it's heading only in one direction
Simi Singh to Lewis, no run, length ball around off, punched towards extra cover

Just 16 needed

10 | 20 Runs | WI: 123/0 (16 runs required from 60 balls, RR: 12.30, RRR: 1.60)

  • Lendl Simmons85 (39b)
  • Evin Lewis36 (21b)
  • Barry McCarthy2-0-35-0
  • Mark Adair2-0-22-0
McCarthy to Simmons, SIX runs, but no respite for McCarthy. Banged in short, Simmons goes back and smashes it over deep midwicket. Simmons moves to 85

Back to around the wicket

Anon06: "Don't think you need an anchor if you have 10 batsmen that can bosh it. Also Simmons can play the anchor role when he needs to. However, Shai can benefit from T20s by using it to improve his power game. "

McCarthy to Simmons, FOUR runs, fuller and wider outside off, smashes it over extra cover, long-off cannot come across in time

Over the wicket

McCarthy to Simmons, SIX runs, walks towards the bowler to cut down the angle. Reaches to the pitch of the ball and smashes it over long-on for his eighth six of the night
McCarthy to Simmons, 1 wide, fuller and wider outside off, Simmons leaves it alone, a tight call of wide
McCarthy to Simmons, no run, fuller around off, looks to go towards wide long-on, mistimes it towards square leg

A change of bat for Simmons

Aj : "Simmons making sure he's the incumbent for the next series "

McCarthy to Simmons, 2 runs, a full toss outside off, clobbers it wide of long-on but it hits the bottom of the bat. Scampers back for the second

Around the wicket

McCarthy to Lewis, 1 run, fuller around off, steered towards sweeper cover

9 | 14 Runs | WI: 103/0 (36 runs required from 11 overs, RR: 11.44, RRR: 3.27)

  • Lendl Simmons67 (34b)
  • Evin Lewis35 (20b)
  • Mark Adair2-0-22-0
  • Josh Little2-0-25-0
Adair to Simmons, SIX runs, length ball, Simmons charges down, takes it from outside off and dispatches it over long-on. Brings up the team's 100 with that hit
Adair to Lewis, 1 run, fuller and wider, hits it towards sweeper cover
Adair to Simmons, 1 run, fuller and absolutely smashed towards long-off, only a single though
Adair to Simmons, SIX runs, length ball and it sits up nicely for Simmons who opens up and pulls it over deep midwicket, his sixth six of the innings
Adair to Simmons, no run, in the blockhole this time, jams his bat at it