Player of the Match
Player of the Match

38 | 16 Runs | WI: 191/6 | RR: 5.02

  • Alzarri Joseph5 (10b)
  • Nicholas Pooran59 (75b)
  • Ashton Turner6-0-37-1
  • Mitchell Starc10-1-26-3

9.49 pm Solid chase by the hosts to claim 10 points in World Cup Qualifying on what was a very tricky wicket. Australia only have themselves to blame with some extremely sloppy fielding. Pooran was dropped twice, including the first time on 26 with the score 123 for 5 on a straightforward chance at mid-off into the lap of Moises Henriques. Pooran and Holder parlayed that extra life into a 93-run partnership and the pressure eased on the very next ball which Pooran smoked to the rope to rub salt into the wound. Pooran ends unbeaten.

Pooran is named Man of the Match for his eighth ODI half-century: "I want to dedicate this to my wife. This is my first half-century since I got married so this is for her. For me it was just about building a partnership and fighting with Jason. We just had to find a way and fight. I was just backing my strengths and wanted to hit the gaps as hard as possible. I work day in and day out, try a lot of things in the nets just to get better each day. I have goals I want to accomplish and I can only do that by working hard. All the bowlers bowled fantastic today up front. Well done to them. I just felt like we allowed them to get too much runs and we gave them a chance in the game. That's something as a group we won't tolerate. The body language in the field dropped. That's something we don't like."

Australia captain Alex Carey: "Obviously it doesn't help when you're 5 for not a lot. Wade and the bowlers did a great job to get us to a total and we were back in the game. We took some early wickets again and the belief was there. We created opportunities and we were in the game in the back end. Unfortunately we couldn't quite close it out and it proved we were 20 or 30 short. I think both teams tonight, spin is a threat on these type of wickets. I think the way Matt Wade and Starc combatted that, Adam Zampa had a plan against them. I suppose with the newer ball it might spin and bounce a bit more so we need to get through those first overs against the spinners. A great effort again to get to 190 and we were definitely in the game. I thought the bowlers did a fantastic job. At five down, we had an opportunity to crack it open again. We definitely created enough to stay in the game. Bring on game three. The batting group has a bit to prove to get a good score on the board for our quicks but our quicks and spinners are doing a great job."

West Indies captain Kieron Pollard: "It's pleasing to win. Obviously when you start a cricket match you want to win, but to say I'm overall pleased with our performance throughout the entire game, I think we have some work to do. Having Australia [45 for 6] and they getting 190, I thought we didn't put our foot on the X. They getting to 190, we gave them an opportunity to come into the game. Our batters didn't make it easy as well. It seems like we don't like to do things the easy way. The spinners were fantastic. Hosein coming up trumps again, Walshy hard work continues to pay off. The start that we got, getting a couple wickets early was fantastic by the bowlers. But as I said, 180-190 I think is a bit disappointing on our part to be totally honest. Australia have world-class bowlers. What was good this time around was the fight by the guys, Nicholas Pooran getting that half-century and Jason Holder as well. Pooran has been looking like his old self again. He was a bit scratchy tonight but sometimes that's what you need in a game like this. You want someone to scrap and I think they both scrapped well for us to come through for a victory. It's a Catch-22 situation with [Jason Mohammed]. Obviously Jason is playing a role where if you lose a couple wickets, you want him to bat long. From a Super50 perspective he has done well. Chase normally does that for us. When you look at the makeup of our team and me coming back not being able to bowl, he gives us that sixth bowling option. We will look at it as a team and come up with our best combination to play this third game."

West Indies move past Ireland up into a tie with Pakistan for fifth place on the Super League points table at 40 points. Pakistan have played one more match than West Indies. Australia remain in third place on 50 points, 30 points behind Bangladesh who have played 12 matches to Australia's 8 games. Come back on Monday for the series finale between these two sides. That's all for now. For Andrew McGlashan, I'm Peter Della Penna. Take care!

Turner to Joseph, FOUR, almighty heave ends the match in style! Joseph slams a full ball from fourth stump high and deep over midwicket bouncing into the rope. West Indies clinch a four-wicket win with 12 overs to spare. They claim 10 very significant points on the World Cup Qualifying Super League points table. The speed of the win too is significant as they'll get a healthy net run rate bump too.
Turner to Joseph, 5 wides, good length ball spins past leg stump, Joseph's legs, and Carey's gloves. Splits leg slip too and keeps spinning away to the rope for five extras. Scores level.
Turner to Pooran, 1 run, full on fourth stump, drives in the air just short of Agar on the long-off rope for one.
Turner to Pooran, no run, fuller length on fourth stump, goes back to defend.
Turner to Pooran, no run, good length ball on middle, goes back to defend.
Turner to Pooran, no run, good length ball on fourth stump, goes back to defend.
Turner to Pooran, SIX, top-class! Floats this up too full on fifth stump, Pooran winds up and frees the arms to send this high over the extra cover rope, landing just wide of a palm tree.

37 | 3 Runs | WI: 175/6 (13 runs required from 13 overs, RR: 4.72, RRR: 1.00)

  • Alzarri Joseph1 (9b)
  • Nicholas Pooran52 (70b)
  • Mitchell Starc10-1-26-3
  • Ashton Turner5-0-21-1

Ends his spell with 3 for 26. Magnificent with the new ball but looks like it'll be in vain.

Starc to Joseph, no run, off stump yorker at 147 kph, Joseph blocks it out with aplomb. Starc shakes his head in frustration.
Starc to Pooran, 1 run, fullish length ball on sixth stump at 142 kph, Pooran pushes at this with hard hands and is in front of the shot, he shovels this perilously close to extra cover but it just clears him landing wide of mid-off for one. Cries of "Catch!" go in vain.
Starc to Joseph, 1 run, bouncer on the body at 141 kph, Joseph fights this off awkwardly producing a top edge over square leg landing in no man's land for one.
Starc to Joseph, no run, yorker on middle stump, jammed out back to Starc.
Starc to Joseph, no run, wide yorker on fifth stump at 143 kph skims past Joseph's edge trying to jam it out.

West Indies 2nd innings Partnerships

1st10E LewisSD Hope
2nd1DM BravoSD Hope
3rd36JN MohammedSD Hope
4th22SD HopeN Pooran
5th3KA PollardN Pooran
6th93JO HolderN Pooran
7th26N PooranAS Joseph