Player of the Match
Player of the Match

64 | (wicket maiden) | WI: 162/10

  • Kemar Roach13 (23b)
  • Anrich Nortje14-5-46-3
  • Keshav Maharaj11-5-23-2

The Player of the Match is Quinton de Kock. "A proud moment, got the team into a winning position. Glad to contribute to the team and get over the line."

I think Quinny is still talking, but he's not actually saying anything, so we'll wrap it up there. He's a better doer than an orator! From Miller, Hemant, Alan, Venkat, Firdose and all the ESPNcricinfo team, thanks for joining and we'll see you next week for the second Test. Don't forget to catch the dregs of the Edgbaston Test too before England follow West Indies' lead and lose in three days!

Dean Elgar: "Collective effort by the side, a three-week process leading to this Test so it didn't come by luck. Asked individuals to score hundreds and get five-fors, and we've got three accolades."

"If there was anything in the wicket, it was going to be first innings, we bowled brilliantly, and our batting unit passed 300... we've been struggling to great to put a stamp of authority on the bowling attack."

"The basics of bowling applied on a wicket like that, always one with your name on it, so have to execute your skill and utilise the facilities."

"Lungi was brilliant, he executed the basics to a T. Quinny showed the world-class cricketer that he is, and KG tries his backside off, great to reap his reports today. Anrich is a massive trump card, a bit shorter so skiddier, and at 140+ kph. A great balance that we have at the moment."

Time for some presentations Here's Kraigg Brathwaite: "We saw today some variable bounce, the pitch was a little dry, but we didn't bat well in the first innings so under pressure from the start. Always on the back foot."

"They are quality bowlers but even batting second we thought they would be quality. Second Test, we've got to bat better. As a group we bowled well, and Seales in his first Test was magnificent. Chase showed fight today, but that first innings hampered us a lot."

On Seales: "He's a special talent and has a natural length. He has a bright future."

"We'll take a little break and come back. For me it's about getting your mind in the right place. More mental than technical."

12.37pm Well, that was brisk and to the point. South Africa's fast bowlers were all outstanding ... five-fors for Ngidi and Rabada in either innings, and Nortje takes seven in the match with a persistently fiery display.

Maharaj made some key incisions too, while their batting was carried by Mr Rhino himself, Quinton de Kock, who may have careless mates but certainly knows how to handle his weapon of choice.

In a partial answer to that earlier query, Sampath reports: "322/10 is South Africa's second lowest total resulting in an innings win in Tests. Lowest is 309/9 against Zimbabwe in 2017."

Alan Chapman: "Won't you provide a link to the SA vs Australia match in 2016 at Hobart? The scorecards are near identical, with two SA bowlers getting 5fers, and a century for QDK!" Alan, Alan, you're slow on the uptake. We've already discussed this one!

Mustafa Moudi : "Fun Fact: This is the 200th Test Loss for West Indies. Interestingly, this is their 555th Test while South Africa's 444th Test !!"

Nortje to Seales, OUT, flashing drive to third slip, and South Africa surge to victory! Nortje, the man who started the rot has finished it too. A sharp take to a flying edge, cupped hands to his right, and South Africa seal an emphatic three-day innings win

JNT Seales c Mulder b Nortje 3 (16m 9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

Ramble: "Didn't Dean Elgar say he wanted 5fers and hundreds? Nice of Ngidi, QDK and Rabada to oblige! And Nortje might of got 5 as well if not for Ngidi. Impressive bowling from the SA quicks. I thought this game would be quite competitive to be honest. "

Nortje to Seales, no run, round the wicket, and Seales smells the leather! Lovely angled bouncer, bending into the left-hander, who sways well
Nortje to Seales, no run, lovely ball, driveable length but shaping away and luring the No.11 into a waft
Nortje to Seales, no run, up on the toes, back of a length, poked to point
Nortje to Seales, no run, up on the toes, defended out to point
Nortje to Seales, no run, back and across to defend the tight line

By my reckoning, it should be lunch now, but we'll crack on. Here's Nortje

63 | 12 Runs | WI: 162/9

  • Kemar Roach13 (23b)
  • Jayden Seales3 (3b)
  • Keshav Maharaj11-5-23-2
  • Kagiso Rabada20-9-34-5
Maharaj to Roach, no run, head over the ball to block again
Maharaj to Roach, no run, speared into the blockhole, solid defence
Maharaj to Roach, no run, angled bat, down into the off side as Maharaj responds by pulling that length back half a yard
Maharaj to Roach, SIX, clattered over long-on! Length is length yaar... out of the park!
Maharaj to Roach, SIX, flogged high over long-off! Roach watches it disappear above the eyeline, and thinks, 'ah, what the hell!'. Nothing to lose, and dispatched!
Maharaj to Roach, no run, tossed up, into the blockhole, fenced away

West Indies 3rd innings Partnerships

1st12KOA PowellKC Brathwaite
2nd13KOA PowellSD Hope
3rd12RL ChaseSD Hope
4th14KR MayersRL Chase
5th46RL ChaseJ Blackwood
6th28JO HolderRL Chase
7th15RL ChaseJ Da Silva
8th1RRS CornwallJ Da Silva
9th5KAJ RoachJ Da Silva
10th16KAJ RoachJNT Seales