Match Centre

Commentator: Andrew Miller

20 | 5 Runs | Notts: 145/5 (3 runs required, RR: 7.25)

  • Ben Duckett49 (42b)
  • Samit Patel5 (5b)
  • Wayne Parnell4-0-42-0
  • Pat Brown4-0-21-2

2pm Gadzooks... this summer is barking mad.... is there such thing as a non-mental contest any more? Moeen Ali is Player of the Match for his key spell, and composed captaincy. "As soon as they hit a boundary it would be game over ... one to win off the last ball, and luckily they didn't get bat on it. I listened to the guys but went on my own gut feel."

Moeen's tactics ahead of the final? Just chill out for a bit... sound

Vinay: "Burgled it??? THIS IS DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!!!!!!"

Parnell to Duckett, no run, outside off, a swipe to nothing, and Worcestershire have burgled it! EXTRAORDINARY SCENES! How did Nottinghamshire throw that away! Duckett just needed to lay any bat on ball ... but Parnell found a perfect line and length, the keeper standing up, he did well to close his legs in time to prevent any byes. The ball plopped to the turf, and that was that!

Deep breaths... Parnell pulls out of his run-up to warn Samit for backing up!

Back comes Luke Fletcher for another message. Will it sink in this time! Notts need one run to reach the final! And now Bumble has gone running onto the pitch from the commentary box, because everyone else is!

Parnell to Patel, 1 run, Luke Fletcher just delivered a message, presumably about the tie, but Samit still nearly runs himself out looking for the second to third man. This is chaos!
Parnell to Patel, 2 runs, flicked in the air ... is there anyone out there? No! Lands safe at midwicket, but Samit is treading through treacle on the second run... it's too high for the keeper!

Crumbs... Moeen takes it slow

Parnell to Duckett, 1 run, length ball, under-edged swipe into the pitch, and it's just a single. A bluff from Parnell? No subtlety there, just areas!

5 off 4 for the tie and Notts progress... wonder if they are aware?

Parnell to Patel, 1 run, clears the front leg, a slap on the up to deep cover... just the single, as Duckett comes back on strike...
Parnell to Patel, no run, perfect start from Parnell! Round the wicket, top of off, Samit misses a nibble to third man...

A tie would be decided on wickets lost ... then Powerplay runs... not sign of boundary countback ...

Notts 2nd innings Partnerships

1st51CD NashAD Hales
2nd49AD HalesBM Duckett
3rd37DT ChristianBM Duckett
4th2BM DuckettTJ Moores
5th1SJ MullaneyBM Duckett
6th6SR PatelBM Duckett