Player of the Match
Player of the Match

9.39pm So, that's the end of another astonishing performance from a burgeoning England ODI team. Records galore, as Bharath Seervi has compiled for us here. Have a read of Andrew McGlashan's match report before you go, and tune in on Thursday for the fourth ODI at Headingley. Good night.

9.36pm Unsurprisingly. the man of the match is Alex Hales for his England record 171 from 122 balls: "A special venue, always guaranteed high scoring games. I didn't know about the record, as JRoy got 160-odd at The Oval and came close. The improvements we've shown in the last few years, I'm not sure how long that record will stand. We always talk about it as a team, we haven't reached our full potential yet, still more to come. A tough few weeks personally, but I haven't felt out of form with the white ball, so I'm going to enjoy tonight. But we want to be ruthless and win 5-0."

9.32pm Time for some presentations ... first up Azhar Ali: "Exceptional innings from Alex Hales and Jos Buttler. Our fielding, on a wicket like this, it needs to support the bowlers and that didn't happen. It's hard to control the flow of runs on a wicket like this if you don't pick up wickets. We need to pick ourselves up."

"The Test team is doing so well for the last five or six years, but the one-day team hasn't played well for the last two or three years. Once their batsmen are going like that, all you can do it keep things simple, but all credit to the England team."

Eoin Morgan: "A momentum knock from Alex Hales on his home ground, our innings was based around that, not to undermine Joe Root's part in that. He's shaped up well and more often than not has kept a really good attitude. The records are hugely important, we are not just a side that likes batting second. We probably have a group of 17 or 18 players who have played in the last year or so and could have played. The success of the international team is driving all of that."

9.29pm Kunal: "England also have the super series in hand with this, right?" Indeed they do. To recap, the idea is to factor all three formats into one overall competition. Four points for a Test win, two each for T20 and ODI. So England lead 14-8 with six points (two ODIs, one T20) to come... and on today's evidence, I suspect 20-8 is rather more likely than 14-14...

9.25pm Hypocaust: "Simply astonishing. After that display it's hard to believe some of England's batsmen have been under pressure recently. A massive innings in so many ways for Alex Hales. This series has also seen a welcome return to form for Eoin Morgan. His SR of 211.11 was the highest for any innings of his ODI career.

9.19pm So England wrap up a thumping victory by 169 runs. They were made to wait by some valiant work from Pakistan's tail, not least Amir whose 58 from 28 was a fine display of what could be done on this pitch. But the finest display was produced by the man now leading England from the field. Alex Hales, on his home ground, served up an England record 171 from 122 balls, in a world-record innings of 444 for 3. Pakistan saved face in their innings of 275, but the game was over at the halfway mark.

Arsalan: "Pak started nd ended with 2 blitzing 58s..wonder how close we would have been if 4 more 58s came out from the middle order at the same rate" Good point, well made

Woakes to Mohammad Amir, OUT, short , Amir aims once too violently across the line, a top-edge into the night sky, Woakes steadies himself in the followthrough and pockets the series-winning catch!

Mohammad Amir c & b Woakes 58 (28m 28b 5x4 4x6) SR: 207.14

Woakes to Mohammad Amir, FOUR runs, in the slot, Amir leans back and batters another full-blooded wipe over wide long-on. Straining for the yorker, but serving up a half-volley
Woakes to Mohammad Amir, 1 wide, banged in way too short outside off, and England's frustration continues!
Woakes to Mohammad Amir, 2 runs, short, slammed high into the leg side, Buttler hurtles after the ball once again, and puts in an heroic swallow dive, but was never there. I think he winded himself on impact there, but good commitment
Woakes to Mohammad Amir, no run, back and across, defended to third man, and an angry shy comes in

42 | 8 Runs | PAK: 268/9 (177 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 6.38, RRR: 22.12)

  • Yasir Shah26 (32b)
  • Mohammad Amir52 (24b)
  • Moeen Ali7-0-36-1
  • Adil Rashid10-0-73-2

Well, this is a fun finale, isn't it? Hundred for Amir? Go on son!

Ali to Yasir Shah, FOUR runs, slammed high over the leg side, Root leaps like a flying fox but can't intercept

Apparently, Amir's fifty is the fastest by a Pakistani who is NOT Shahid Afridi!

Ali to Mohammad Amir, 1 run, slapped high into the off side, lands safe
Ali to Yasir Shah, 1 run, slammed into the covers, half a chance for Root but that was through his fingers before he could react
Ali to Mohammad Amir, 1 run, good bowling, from round the wicket, dabbed backwards of square, and they get the single after all as another wild shy comes in
Ali to Yasir Shah, 1 run, dabbed into the covers
Ali to Yasir Shah, no run, outside off, climbing past the edge, was there a nick? Not convinced, but Buttler fumbled either way

41 | 19 Runs | PAK: 260/9 (185 runs required from 54 balls, RR: 6.34, RRR: 20.55)

  • Mohammad Amir50 (22b)
  • Yasir Shah20 (28b)
  • Adil Rashid10-0-73-2
  • Mark Wood10-0-75-1
Rashid to Mohammad Amir, SIX runs, fifty for Amir, off 22 balls, and what a way to get there! Tossed up by Rashid and launched into the night sky, straight down the ground! Not even Buttler could go at a quicker rate than this ...

Record total


Previous highest total in ODIs, by Sri Lanka against Netherlands in Amstelveen in 2006. England have bettered it with their 444 in this match.

Hales' record


Previous highest score by an England batsman in ODIs, by Robin Smith vs Aus at Edgbaston in 1993. Hales now holds that record for England.

Five in five


No. of England batsmen who have made five consecutive scores of 50 or more in ODIs, including Root. Boycott, Gooch, Stewart, Trott and Hales are the others.

Converting into big ones


No. of centuries for Hales in his last 7 ODI innings, including today. He had made just one century in his first 27 innings; his first century was in his 21st inns.

Second-wicket record


Previous most runs by an England pair for the 2nd-wicket in ODIs, by Bell and Trott. Hales and Root have now added more than 750 runs for the 2nd-wicket.

Even record


Win-loss record for Eng and Pak against each other in ODIs at Trent Bridge. However, Pak have lost only one of the 5 ODIs against other teams here.