CK Holder to DJ Bravo, OUT, backs away to to over cover, may have got a thin edge through to the keeper. Only the bowler went up, pleaded twice, thrice. Umpire Shaun George thought he had nicked it too. Good bowling, saw the batsman trying to make room, and followed him to cramp him for room. Excellent catch moving to his left by Pooran.

DJ Bravo c †Pooran b CK Holder 33 (20b 3x4 2x6) SR: 165.00

Mohammad Irfan to DM Bravo, FOUR runs, sliced over third man, races away past Imran Khan, who comes up with a poor effort.
CK Holder to DJ Bravo, SIX runs, first backs away, so the bowler tries to fox him by bowling full and wide. No problem, says Bravo as he then reaches out to carve this over point. Tremendous use of the bottom hand, sails all the way.

He sends the physio off, and we will continue

CK Holder to DJ Bravo, FOUR runs, flicked past short fine, Irfan hardly moved. Poor bowling. Feeding a batsman with a leg-stump half-volley
CK Holder to DJ Bravo, no run, appeal for caught behind. Bravo looked to hoick across the line, may have got a thin inside edge. Umpire initially said not out, was then influenced by the appeal before deciding to check with his colleague at square leg. Replays show this may have brushed the pad, but once the umpires have gone up, it means they are dead certain there was some bat. Now to see if the catch was clean. Soft signal is not out. The ball was dying on the keeper, who appears to have scooped it up into the gloves, but he may have been unaware of the bump. There has to be conclusive evidence to overturn the soft signal. The call is NOT OUT . Good call, there was a lot of doubt.
Drakes to DJ Bravo, FOUR runs, full delivery angling in, Bravo makes a hint of room and then lofts it inside-out. Lovely. Typical DJ shot
Springer to DJ Bravo, FOUR runs, looks to squeeze this yorker-length delivery behind point, but gets a thick bottom edge that races to the third man boundary.

Deep square in, mid-off goes out

Tridents 2nd innings Partnerships

1st35S SohalT Webster
2nd12S SohalSD Hope
3rd45SD HopeN Pooran
4th50JO HolderN Pooran
5th11JO HolderRL Chase
6th18RL ChaseSK Springer