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Kimber helps Guernsey win final

Tim Kimber rescued Guernsey from 65 for 7 to help them beat Malaysia in the final of the ICC World Cricket League Division Six

Fiji 2nd innings Partnerships

1st14S RavokaJ Kida
2nd21JF RikaJ Kida
3rd12CD RikaJF Rika
4th33CD RikaJD Balaeicicia
5th3MB GaunaJD Balaeicicia
6th8JD BalaeiciciaTasheed Tawheed
7th11JD BalaeiciciaMohammad Khan
8th4KSB TavoJD Balaeicicia
9th24SR LomaniJD Balaeicicia
10th3I CakacakaJD Balaeicicia