Player of the Match
Player of the Match

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Commentator: Ankur Dhawan

25 | 6 Runs | MUM: 155/2 | RR: 6.20

  • Shreyas Iyer55 (53b)
  • Ajinkya Rahane17 (29b)
  • Mehdi Hassan6-0-23-2
  • Chama Milind3-0-18-0

If you missed much of the play, worry not. Saurabh Somani has you covered in our match bulletin that revolves around a spicy contest between Prithvi Shaw and Mohammad Siraj. Cheers

4.34pm Alas, the match has been called off. Mumbai, who were in any case hurtling towards their target have been declared winners by 60 runs - and worthy winners they are - as per the VJD method. That ends Hyderabad's journey in the competition and means that Mumbai, who last won the Vijay Hazare Trophy in the 2006-07 season, are through to the final. They now await the winner of the Delhi-Jharkhand semi-final, which takes place tomorrow.

4.10pm But with the rain refusing to relent, chances of resumption looking pretty bleak at the moment.

3.40pm The rain's not as heavy as a few minutes ago, Saurabh informs us, but it remains steady. Hyderabad, who need more cricket to stay alive in the tournament could take refuge in the fact that the Chinnaswamy has an excellent drainage system.

Saurabh Somani, our reporter at the venue, says that it's pelting down at the moment, which significantly reduces the chance of a resumption.

Mumbai are way ahead of where they need to be as per the VJD method. The par score with two wickets down is only 95 and Mumbai are well on course at 155 for two.

3.18pm The heavens have opened and the players are going off.

Hassan to Iyer, FOUR runs, over the top and comfortably clears mid-on, who was up in the circle. It was angled in on a length, easy for Iyer to get under and hammer it down the ground
Hassan to Rahane, 1 run, drifting in and helped along with the angle to fine-leg
Hassan to Rahane, no run, full, angled in, Rahane works it to the right of square leg for a single
Hassan to Iyer, 1 run, shorter length and Iyer uses the crease to go back and work it into the gap on the leg side
Hassan to Iyer, no run, full and straighter, defended back again
Hassan to Iyer, no run, angled in, full, defended back

Mumbai 2nd innings Partnerships

1st73RG SharmaPP Shaw
2nd9SS IyerPP Shaw
3rd73AM RahaneSS Iyer