Player of the Match
Player of the Match

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Commentator: Akshay Gopalakrishnan

5.20pm Negi pumps his fists as he takes that long run. In no time, his Delhi team-mates mob him. He didn't bowl a ball today, but he's been quite the hero with the bat. Came in at a really tough position, with Jharkhand soaring, and soaked up all the pressure like a sponge. Not once did he let nerves get the better of him.

Credit to Jharkhand for taking it this close. Delhi were cruising for about the first six overs. Jharkhand, though, were relentless, and clawed back and turned the tables dramatically. Just couldn't get themselves to come up with the final push as Negi held firm and denied them. Massive contribution from Navdeep Saini as well: took four wickets and then partnered Negi in an unbeaten half-century stand to see them through from a spot.

Some questionable decisions from Ishan Kishan, like holding Shahbaz Nadeem, their best bowler, back, giving him just one over until the 29th. In defence of a small total, you got to unleash your best bowlers as early as you can.

But it's the batting that really let Jharkhand down. You don't often recover well enough from 85 for 6 to string together a win. They came close, but Delhi's batting depth came to their rescue. Some very loose batting from both sides, especially outside the off-stump, but the bowlers were equally culpable of indiscipline, conceding 51 extras between them: over one-eighth of the total runs in the match.

That will be all for today then. A gripping semifinal ends with Delhi booking a final berth against Mumbai. That happens on Saturday live from Bengaluru. Hope to catch you all then. Goodbye from Hemant and myself, thank you for joining us.

Jaskaran Singh to Negi, 1 run, and finishes it off with another extravagant stroke.. full, wide, reaches out and carves it away over the in-field around the point region.. and that will be it
Jaskaran Singh to Negi, 2 runs, is that it? Not quite, but they will collect a brace, which means scores are level. A slog to a fuller one from outside off, lands wide of long-on running to his left
Jaskaran Singh to Negi, no run, steps down the track and Jaskaran wisely takes it away from him, making him reach out but keeping it well inside the line. Beaten
Jaskaran Singh to Negi, no run, pushes a fuller one to extra cover. The fielder there is on to it in a jiffy

Three runs. Two wickets. Six balls in which to do either. What do we have here?

49 | 6 Runs | DELHI: 197/8 (3 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 4.02, RRR: 3.00)

  • Navdeep Saini13 (38b)
  • Pawan Negi36 (45b)
  • Shasheem Rathour8-1-23-0
  • Varun Aaron10-2-39-2
Rathour to Saini, no run, has there been a stumping here? Ishan Kishan is confident. Saini has stretched out a long way here, beaten after pushing forward, question is if the backfoot has come out. Hard to tell. benefit of the doubt to the batsman? Yup, given the benefit. That's the right call. Seemed like the foot was grounded and he dragged it back. But touch and go
Rathour to Negi, 1 run, overcompensates with the line and drifts it down leg, Negi gets a bat on the flick to short fine

Delhi 2nd innings Partnerships

1st20G GambhirUBT Chand
2nd31G GambhirDR Shorey
3rd32G GambhirN Rana
4th4N RanaHimmat Singh
5th36N RanaPS Vijayran
6th10PS VijayranS Bhati
7th0Lalit YadavS Bhati
8th16P NegiLalit Yadav
9th51P NegiNA Saini