Mankading 'part of the game' - Buttler

Sachithra Senanayake gestures to the umpire after mankading Jos Buttler Getty Images

Jos Buttler has admitted he was at fault for the Mankading incident that occurred the last time England and Sri Lanka met at Edgbaston.

Buttler was run out by the bowler, Sachithra Senanayake, after he overcommitted to backing up at the non-strikers' end during the 2014 ODI that Sri Lanka went on to win by six wickets.

While Sri Lanka had warned Buttler a couple of times previously about his backing-up, the incident provoked boos from the Edgbaston crowd. Alastair Cook, England's ODI captain at the time, expressed his "disappointment" with Sri Lanka's decision not to withdraw the appeal and suggested that "a line had been crossed".

But Buttler now accepts the incident was caused by his own mistake and says he has learned from the experienced. "It is obviously batsman error," Buttler said. "If you walk out of your ground and someone wants to do it, it is in the laws of the game. It is all part of the game.

"I was disappointed at the time, because it doesn't happen very often. I thought you could do that every ball if you wanted and there would be a chance to run someone out. But the bowler would say why don't you just stay in your crease? So I guess I did learn something from it."

With Angelo Mathews, the Sri Lanka captain, confirming that he would be prepared to do the same thing again - "if someone is trying to take advantage of the rules, we will probably warn him, but I stand by it," he said ahead of the first ODI - Buttler knows that he has to be more careful in this series.

"We ran a few twos the other day," he said, "so I'm sure they'll be looking out for it."