When Ash Barty schooled Coco Gauff: A crash course in cricket

Ashleigh Barty, French Open champion. What's she doing on a cricket site? (1:34)

Grand Slam champion, T20 allrounder, all-round superstar. This is the Ash Barty story (1:34)

A press conference ahead of a women's tennis exhibition match in the United States is probably way down on the list of settings for a nuanced discussion on cricket. And yet when reigning French Open champion Ash Barty - not long ago a cricketer in Australia's Big Bash League - addressed journalists in the company of American teen sensation Coco Gauff, that's exactly what happened.

Gauff's casual remark asking Barty to explain cricket's rules was followed by the Australian making a good fist at explaining a sport that's often dismissed by its own followers as too tough to break down for the uninitiated.

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