Lockdown watchlist: Galacticos goalfest, glorious Woods, Kapil's tears

'The sheer individual talent of Real Madrid's Galacticos meant that moments of jaw-dropping awesomeness were never far off.' Javier Soriano/AFP/Getty Images

Struggling to cope in a world without any sporting action? Fear not. In our latest series, we put together a list of videos you can watch right now to fill that adrenaline pumping again. This week's picks features a Tiger Woods masterclass and some of Real Madrid's finest moments.

The chip heard around the world

One of Tiger Woods' greatest triumphs came at the 2005 Augusta Masters, where he fended off an incredible last-day performance from fellow American Chris DiMarco, who forced a playoff after having started the fourth round three shots behind Woods.

This sequence is from the 16th hole, with Woods holding a one-stroke lead. Ignore the dramatic music in the background -- the sequence looks straight out of a movie as it is. Just enjoy the clutch play of the one of the greatest athletes of his generation. And bear in mind that even after conceding a two-stroke lead following this, DiMarco pulled back level off the final two holes. Woods had to execute a birdie on the 18th to pick up his fourth green jacket, while for DiMarco it was a successive major lost on a playoff, having lost the 2004 PGA Championship to Vijay Singh via the same route. - Debayan Sen

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Galáctico gloriousness

Ah, Real Madrid's Galácticos. Florentino Perez's tribute act to the great side of the '50s. The height of footballing hubris. They did not win nearly as much as rose-tinted nostalgia will have it (one Champions League, two La Liga titles in seven years). They were often tactically uninspiring, manager after manager struggling to fill circular holes with firmly square pegs. They were exceptionally top-heavy (no, Roberto Carlos was no defender, please). They were also bloody fun. Raul, Ronaldo, Figo, Zidane, Beckham, Guti... the sheer individual talent on display meant that regardless of results, moments of jaw-dropping awesomeness were never far off. This compilation of their "Top 30 Ridiculous Goals" is a delightful reminder of (or introduction to) an era of glorious excess. - Anirudh Menon

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When Kapil Dev broke down on camera

Kapil Dev, then coach of the Indian team, gave this interview to HARDtalk India at the height of cricket's match-fixing scandal in 2000. Hansie Cronje had recently been charged with fixing games for money. Then, former cricketer Manoj Prabhakar alleged that Kapil had offered him a bribe to play poorly in a match six years earlier. Around the same time, a news magazine carried a story accusing Kapil of doing favours for a bookie during a 1994-95 series.

Kapil defends himself in the interview, maintaining he is not guilty, no bookie ever talked to him and neither did anybody ever give him money nor did he offer it to anybody. His reputation "gone down the drain", he says, because of these "third-party" allegations, Kapil then famously broke down on camera. Not an easy watch for his fans. - Gaurav Rai

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The Rooney riddle

Wayne Rooney is an enigma. Even committed fans of Manchester United, the club where he broke several goalscoring records and won every possible honour, have mixed feelings about him. His off-field antics and physique - lacking either the height and build of Ronaldo or the innocent slightness of Messi, for example - evoke pretty negative emotions. One of my colleagues calls him a "thug". And yet those goals, those records, exist. This interview, where his former teammate and captain Gary Neville talks him through some of his most famous goals, sheds some light on who he is and how he got there. "I've never been a skillful player", he says, even as the highlights reel plays an array of breathtaking goals: free-kicks, benders, the ones from his own half (twice), back-of-the-heel, bicycle kick, volleys. Power, pace, precision. The most exquisite of chips and dinks. Raking, crossfield 50-yard passes. "Just have a go" seems to have been his philosophy - try the audacious and leave the rest to fate.

(Pro tip: If you want to understand Rooney's thick Scouse accent, listen with headphones; otherwise, just watch.) - Jayaditya Gupta

Gary Neville's Soccerbox, Star Select 1, Monday 8 pm

Weird, wonderful world of sport stacking

Sport stacking/ cup stacking/ speed stacking is not a hobby. This is serious. Players go through hours and hours of practice to break personal records and world records. But it's not all about practice and skill, the best stackers have to develop highly advanced tactics. This a glimpse into their world. - Arjun Namboothiri

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